By Anonymous - 28/10/2011 02:49 - United States

Today, I was about to have sex with my girlfriend for the first time. Just as she took her shirt off, her phone rang. It was her mom demanding she return home. Now I've been cockblocked, and my girlfriend's mom seems to be a god damn clairvoyant. Awesome. FML
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At least it wasn't during.

Women's intuition. Now the ultimate cockblock.


At least it wasn't during.

relax bro, there will be many more opportunities

Your avatar pic is hilarious!

She's got you bugged!

I think op's girlfriend texted her mom and said help me!!!

Sorry OP, I feel for you :/ used to happen to me allll the time -.-

You deserved it.

You deserved it.

You still had time... It's not like your first time would last long anyways

I don't understand the big words (-_-) I'll go look it up and come right back..

My "-_-" looks retarded =[

#11 no, probably not

Oh, what a close call for her mum

Yea dude. In and out. Go.

Ninjas, man. They're everywhere.

"You still had time... It's not like your first time would last long anyways" I completely disagree. Not only can a first time last pretty long, but (and this is even more important) if OP and his girlfriend continued to have sex, they probably would feel very stressed + do it in a hurry = not enjoy it that much. If they would have had sex, knowing that OP's girlfriend would have to leave in 5-10 minutes, would it still be worth to remember? First times are overrated, true true, but that doesn't mean you can't try to make it fun.

Her mom's boobie sense was tingling.

Doesn't matter; had... *ring ring* ohh wait .. :(

143- your profile pic scaares me...

Just a BIT of an overreaction. There'll be other times, OP.

that is an egg situation

Can I get a piece of you?;) hot damn girl ;)

Sorry if this comes off as rude, but "spooky" literally couldn't be more of an irrelevant term for this situation.

Spooky in reference to the fact that her mother just happened to call and demand that she return home right when she took her shirt off before having sex. That just might be her thought process. Now you look rude and unable to connect the dots.

No Nina, not rude, you just come off as really stupid.

Before we all start hating Nina, she doesn't speak English well and she might think of "spooky" means a very specific thing. I know when I try to speak Spanish, I can't comprehend a lot of simple concepts. I'm not dumb, I'm just not an expert at speaking foreign tongues.

Perhaps if she doesn't know English that well, she shouldn't be a jerk to others who do. She could've politely asked how the word "spooky" was relevant or something like that.

Sum 41 profile picture=WINNING

SORRY I thought you mean halloween. I am sorry I know english some well because we learn the vocabilary in school. sorry sorry to you

That is very awesome.

Fyl. That's never fun.

You make it sound like it happens all the time.

whats clairvoyant ? o.0

127 you are the reincarnation of someone I know. So weird you look exactly the same.

Women's intuition. Now the ultimate cockblock.

Mums seem to know it all D: like they're psychic or something...

beautiful chick

"I sense a disturbance in the force".

Clairvoyant. I like it!

what is that word?

Search up you lazy twip

mom needs her daily foot massage. thats why your girlfriend has such smooth hands.

Where did you get smooth hands out of this FML?

from the deep dark corners of my imagination. rather lovely place.

I can has invitation to said place?

105- flockz' imagination is not the place you want to visit. Just thinking about it... *shudders and stares into space*

Your a creep!

moms know their shit . next time, just hit silence :)

C C COMBO BREA.... Nah this thread isn't worth it. :p

Like she wouldn't of called back?

I agree with #12

There is no 12 yet... You're fucking #10.

Oops, some kid deleted his comment like gypsy magic. I ish sowwy.

Actually he's 9.

Sea* ^ wait wtf are we doing rhyming hahaha