By Nastiaa - Estonia
Today, I was a host during kids' event. I did my job and started to do some funny moves to entertain the kids. I was wearing a top with a really low cut. Then noticed that all the children were pointing at me happily and adults looked surprised. Then I noticed that both my boobs had popped out. FML
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By  NorfolkDude  |  2

I think I know what you were wearing. On of those shirts without the top part that shows cleavage. That's fine and all and has that "soccer mom" appeal to it. But yet, I suppose if you're going to do activities that require you to reach or jump up and down, then yeah, you'd probably want to tap those boobies.

By  yay_fml  |  0

That's what you get. Kids get to see plenty of boobs at home, breast feeding and showering with their moms and whatnot. You don't need to offer any more.