By Anonymous - 20/09/2018 03:00 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I wanted to talk about marriage and our future with my boyfriend of over 10 years. My 30-year-old boyfriend responded by hiding under a blanket and pretending he couldn't hear me. FML
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Zekfen 17

I’m 38 and been married for 17 years. I still hide under a blanket when my wife wants to talk about our marriage. That is scary stuff.

bl3ur0z3 17

Tax benefits. Healthcare. Survivors benefits. Spousal privilege. Decision making rights (if one is in a coma, it won't be whoever the legal next of kin is making the decisions regardless of how many years they've been estranged, it'll be the spouse they chose to spend their life with) Leaving emotional benefits out of it and assuming no kids, ever, there's still a few dozen reasons.


It's been 10 years. What makes you think he wants to make a move yet?

Awwwhh honey!

I had an ex that’s how acted like a grade-schooler Andy times, too. OP, I feel your pain.

You shouldn't start these conversations by hiding under the bed and waiting until the lights are off.

Did he then take his blanket, and use it to help make a fort with his best friend? Six seasons and a movie!

crashtestdumplin 16

Right on schedule