By Anonymous - United States
Today, I wanted to spend the day cleaning my room. My mom thinks that I was lying just to stay home, so she yelled at me to go to her shop. At the shop, she yelled at me for not being any help. When we got home she yelled at me for having a messy room. FML
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  crabgass  |  3

I'm guessing ur a adult because kids ussually don't skip school to clean their room and If ur mom believed that she's an idiot. if u are an adult y would u let ur mom push u around like that?

  FFML_314  |  11

#5 YOUR mom obviously let YOU skip school to clean YOUR room. It probably would have been in YOUR best interest to have completed each and every course.

  lucious_mama  |  0

get use to it OP what else are moms for? you gave her hell for 10 months of course she is going to nag atyou the rest of her life.

and yes people before you say anything it is technically 10 months

  fistnazal  |  10

haha! I was JUST gunna say; "fuhohohoho" ... what'r you miss's (are they married? lol) clause??

shouldn't you be making cookies?

(as opposed to "sammiches"?)

eeh.. I tried?

oh. night mare before Christmas ftw!