By Anonymous - 11/08/2010 01:05 - United States

Today, I wanted to spend the day cleaning my room. My mom thinks that I was lying just to stay home, so she yelled at me to go to her shop. At the shop, she yelled at me for not being any help. When we got home she yelled at me for having a messy room. FML
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Fuhohohoho!~ Darling, don't you know? Mother's exist for the sole purpose of complaining!

so why is your room so messy?


so why is your room so messy?

fylvfor having a bitchy mom

I'm guessing ur a adult because kids ussually don't skip school to clean their room and If ur mom believed that she's an idiot. if u are an adult y would u let ur mom push u around like that?

woow ur mom is a b****!!!

and the thread jacking begins ^^ btw this doesn't count as a thread jack since I'm replying to 4

#5 when did they mention school?

#6 you're lucky! I still have 4 years while my other siblings are all at college D;

#5 YOUR mom obviously let YOU skip school to clean YOUR room. It probably would have been in YOUR best interest to have completed each and every course.

get use to it OP what else are moms for? you gave her hell for 10 months of course she is going to nag atyou the rest of her life. and yes people before you say anything it is technically 10 months

fyl for having a mean mom

fuck dat shit

#5 read your comment. idiot.

Yell at your mom for yelling at you. It will confuse her. As she is standing there confused, Pegasus kick her in the eye.

26 - Like a boss

my moms an asshole to and I'm not an over emotional teen I'm 25 hated her since I was 13.

this isn't an fml.. your mom bosses you around like most moms do.. get over it

i have one word for you, sweeetheart. menopause

28 made my night

OP your mom needs a dick in her mouth. :) fyl

YDI for going to clean your room, but then getting high. YDI for going to go find a broom, but then getting high.

43 that song is amazing <3 :D

you should yell at her for being a crabit bitch I'm jus sayin

32 makes my night. yep.

so you got yelled at? woooow your life is so awful. believe me when I say you could have so much worse

YDI for hav

Grrr....stupid phone. Anyway my comment was supposed to say YDI for having a crazy menopausal mom.

5 its summer so it could be a kid too yee knw. @OP : FYL .

5 its summer so it could be a kid too yee knw. @OP : FYL .

steal her credit card and go on a shopping spree

5 its summer so it could be a kid too yee knw. @OP : FYL .

my mom does that to me

sounds like a classic Asian parent.

you can't win, can you?

Fuhohohoho!~ Darling, don't you know? Mother's exist for the sole purpose of complaining!

Oh no, no, no!~ Shame on me!~ *Mothers

ooh fail...:( atleast you fixed it! :)

By the time I noticed my silly little error it was too late. sad.

why whenever I read that laugh it sounds like santa claus... hmm

haha! I was JUST gunna say; "fuhohohoho" ... what'r you miss's (are they married? lol) clause?? shouldn't you be making cookies? (as opposed to "sammiches"?) eeh.. I tried? oh. night mare before Christmas ftw!

MIRROR B FTW :) @OP, moms are like that.

I predict she'll yell at you for giving her numerous reasons to yell at you. Or for giving her laringitis.

maybe next time youu shouldnt do anything and youu wont get yelled at.

There are so many other things youu can do as well!

you should have cleaned your room earlier, helped at the shops and given your mum a box a chocolates

Not everyone is the perfect child

maybe Martha Stuart can help u clean ur room better next time

ah, emotionally abusive mothers...

sounds like my family :| yls

dude seriously it's not a school bully or somthing standup for yourself,do somthing