By Ayeya - 04/06/2009 21:14 - United States

Today, I wanted to print out a 100 page game strategy guide using company's printer. While not wanting anyone to find out about this I picked a time where I thought no one would be printing. My CEO ended up standing next to me for 10 minutes waiting for his stuff to print after mine. FML
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Game strategy guide? 100 page? At work? Bound to happen.

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why wouldn't you print it out 10 pages at a time - then even if you got caught no one would care?


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haha awe fail

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Haha, that sucks

Game strategy guide? 100 page? At work? Bound to happen.

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Did he say anything?

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I modded this one. That's hilarious. Hope he wasn't too mad about it.

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He was probobly gonna do the same thing if he went at a time when supposedly nobody was gonna be there....did you manage to see what he was printing?

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Lol ydi for doing that in the first place ;)

I Like Cheese, So Do You. Let's Eat Cheese, But Don't Invite Lou. ---------------------- Thank you folks, that concludes the comedy for tonight.

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Next time just steal paper and ink

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