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Today, I wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes. My wife, who didn't want me to get them, decided it would be a good idea to jump on the hood of the car while I was driving off. She hit the car and fell off. My neighbor saw this. Neither her nor the cops believe me when I say I didn't hit her. FML
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  raesos91  |  26

If op feels the need to quit, he will begin the steps of quitting once he's ready to do so. His wife needs to respect his decisions & support him when its time to.

  kbecks87  |  16

Yes and no, 44. Smoking is a personal choice, but why should that choice override OP's wife's choice of breathable air. As a kid my father smoked and as a direct result my mother (who never smoked, and often encouraged him to quit) has a lot of health problems.

  UH60  |  26

Uh, #47, just because he smokes doesn't mean he blows it in his wife's face. I smoke, and I only do so outside. When I'm walking my dogs I won't smoke, because they're my babies and I don't want them to breathe in something that is my choice. Likewise, if I'm smoking in a public setting other than home, and I can see a family start to walk by; I'll put out my cigarette 100% of the time so no one else breaths it, especially the kids. But hey, maybe OP does smoke inside the home.

  usnwife  |  18

Thank you, 48. I get migraines easily and smoke is a trigger, it deives me crazy when people continue to smoke atound not only me, but all 4 of my kids as well. My dad and granddad both smoke(d) and were careful to keep it away from everyone else - but I will say I can smell it on them no matter how careful they were :/

  Roskie  |  16

There are eight replies and none of them seem to be addressing the dumbest thing about your comment so I will:

What part of this is OP's fault? Okay, you shouldn't smoke, but the wife injured her own self.

  riffehunter  |  16

op should consider vaping. i know some people think its stupid but it is honestly way better, and has helped several of my friends and their parents quit all together (they lowered the nicotine levels slowly until they finally didn't need it anymore) and several of these people had tried literally everything else and failed.

  logicnazi  |  18

I agree. She cares so much she is willing to martyr herself to keep him alive and prevent him from dying a slow horrible death from cancer, congestive diseases etc.
maybe that's not the story but I remain optimistic.

  CrassKal  |  27

They'll likely assume it's just another domestic abuse case where the wife is lying out of fear/loyalty etc. I may be wrong, but unless his wife presses charges he can't be arrested, though he will still have the stigma around him.

  sturschaedel  |  27

Able yes, but seemingly not willing. Maybe OP should sit down with her and try to find some solution. There has to be a compromise between "Stop smoking cold turkey" and "Leave for the store the moment you find your pack empty".

  randomcritic  |  14

Agreed, op will only quit when he is ready and genuinely wants to. Overcoming most substance dependencies isn't like turning on or off a switch(although it would be nice if it were).

  blcksocks  |  19

Read/Google Alan Carr's book on easy guide to stop smoking. Being a smoker for so long I always used to defend smokers like myself and claim that it is hard to quit but that book (and its video series) made me quit in one day and I'll never touch that shit again. So many people say it's hard to quit which makes others don't even want to try (this included me at some point) - but it is not.

  ChopSuey444  |  20

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  cupcakebruh  |  21

Not everyone is like that though. My dad started smoking when he was just 13 and kept smoking till I was little (he would have been in his mid to late 30s). When he finally decided to quit, he started chewing gum instead. Every time he had the urge to smoke he would just chew a piece of gum. He's super addicted to his gum now, but at least he hasn't smoked a cigarette in years.
On a side note, one thing you can do to help you quit smoking is go to a sauna the day you quit. You'll sweat out most if not all the toxins in your body.

  bocagrove  |  9

My mom did the same thing. She smoked for a long time but when she found out she was pregnant with my older brother she quit and started chewing gum instead. OP, find some motivation to quit and it won't be as hard as just doing it. You obviously can't get pregnant, but if you and your wife have a child it would be better for him/her to grow up in a home where there is no secondhand smoke and the child doesn't think smoking is okay. Also, people who smoke shorten their life every time they take a puff. And they smell bad, their clothes and breath smell bad, and their house smells bad. It's better for everyone if you quit, no matter how hard it is.

  rodeo302  |  13

I completely agree no one can tell you when to stop smoking except for you people can harp all they want but it doesn't help when you decide to find something that works for you good luck on your journey.

  ChinchillaLady  |  27

What I want to point out is you have to want to quit. If Op doesn't want to quit then he won't be able to simple as that. I am a smoker honestly I know how bad it is and what it does to every part of your body but I enjoy smoking and the one thing that irritates me the most is people telling me to quit, that it is killing me, along with how much money I am wasting. It just makes me really want a cigarette, because I enjoy smoking. it's worth the health risks and money because I enjoy it.
So non-smokers if op doesn't want to quit it will be impossible for him to quit until he decides for himself to quit.

  Jadea_fml  |  12

It IS hard to quit. Especially if you're like many people with anxiety or other mental health illnesses and it's thenonly thing that can help you in the moment.