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Peeps, honestly, this guy's had it rough. Who cares if no one stole anything? Someone broke his window. I think it's even worse that no one stole anything.. It's just broken for no reason. So now he's going to have to replace his window, and if he has nice upholstery then he's going to have to fix that too. $$ down the drain.

Duck tape.


I moderated this

Ok...that sucks.

Duck tape.

True Americans

means nothing was worth stealing in your car and who cares of it rained? fucking pussy it's a little water damn

YDI for not having an alarm retard

Do you run out to check your car every time you hear a car alarm go off? Most people don't. I listened to one of my neighbors alarms go off for two hours once because they didn't go to shut it off, because they assumed, like most people do, that it was someone else's car. I finally got fed up and knocked on their door.

there's no point having an alarm if you aren't going to check what's going on when it rings.

I don't have an alarm. But I've never seen anyone actually go out and look at their cars immediately when the alarm went off. I've seen people pull the little button things out of their pocket if they have them, but if they don't people mostly just ignore it.

omg I'm wet like cause my windows smashed ew it's cold aswell fml PUSSY u get wetter during sex and in a swimming pool and u get cold playing in da snow toughen up oh yeah FIRST (fail)

or it sucks because he now has to pay a bill to repair that. Someone broke into my car by ripping out the locking cylinder which cost me a couple hundred dollars. Oh, and there is also black mold.

op said it rained all morning so that means her car was flooded w/ water..too much water leads to mold. so yes fyl

This wouldn't happen to Fonzie.