By ryan and Zack - 25/02/2010 22:30 - United States

Today, I walked over to my grandmother's house to pay her a visit. I politely knocked on the door, and there was no answer. Fearing that something had happened, I violently broke down the door to find my grandma and her new 80 year old boyfriend having sex. FML
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timk_fml 2

did she leave her teeth in? gilf

ThatCoolGuy 0

would have been worse if the cops saw you breaking in haha


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ZombieBunnies 0

yes ydi but please tell us, were her boobs wrapped around the man in a passionate embrace? inquiring minds must know.

ur grandma has nice teets

1800getalife 0

viagra much?

Why the hell does the deserve it? There comes a point where it's not about privacy but rather safety. Better traumatized than dead. Kudos to the OP for doing that and FYL for having to see dear ol' grandma getting at it. I remember us girls were out one day and we went to get something to eat. w We're walking back to the parking lot and I happened to glance at a car that looked like ours only to see Mrs.Senior going down on Mr.Senior. =|

iSwag 0

LMAO lol wow... well I can't blame them I plan on having sex for the rest if my life no matter how I get buy if I were concerned about my grandma I wouldve done the same thing so FYL...and your eyes...and your memory lol

iSwag 0

*of *how old *but

saywaturcoco 0

hey… I'm 12… WTF is Viagra? does it make your penis bigger? that's wat my bro told me…

you shouldn't be here at that age it's the grandma's fault for not answering

you should say OMG I thought you where chocking and She be like Uuuummmm yeah I was

Jny_fml 0

Did you join?

*agrees with 35 too*

Horney4her69 0


cherrypieguy 0

did you mistake them for a pregnant elephant seal?

I get your concern but you didn't try knocking louder, calling, or comfirming she was even home first? Were they in the living room? If not, YDI for breaking in and not calling or something first.

troyboyd05 0

Pics or it didn't happen.

At least u did the right thing by caring about her safety. But fyl for having to see that

M4V3R1CKR13 0

O My Lawd Old People havin Secks they shud put that in de interwebz well not really ew :(

sourgirl101 28

Maybe she couldn't hear the door bell 'cause she's deaf! Go Grandma, it's your birthday!!

List of Bitches on site- Snickerdoodles ImaginaryFoe List of Assholes on the site- Slim Shady Freeze (don't worry it's good to be an asshole on this site) Dumbass on the site- The guy who thinks snickerdoodles Is hot. Puke in my balls

Tenebrae 0

I gave Snickerdoodle a compliment on her looks yesterday. This "dumbass" wouldn't happen to be me, would it, good sir?

agree with 111. not even I would hit that, and I'm a 43 year old virgin

I agree with 111 completely. snickerdoodles annoys me.

garrettjordan 0

sooooooooo agree woth number 111 ecspecially snickerdoodles

hijueputa 0

@38, dude you don't have to correct every little mistake you make, we get the jist of it as it is, don't worry, snickerdoodles doesn't seem to be around...

I completely agree with 111. Snickerdoodles is the definition of ugly annoyance. Weirdly enough though, she recently posted a comment on another FML, and I agreed completely, as much as I didn't want to :( I felt like I had just divided by zero.

I agree with #82! Wait, maybe OP did confirm.. "I heard her moaning and thought she must have fallen and hurt herself!"

LOL at 114. I'm sure she would be glad to know a 43 year old wouldn't hit her :) but ya, she can be annoying. she gives us redheads a bad name!!

Op, after you got in, did you break down her front door or the rear?

yourlifesfucked 0

lol saying grow up with ur avatar. you sir or madame are the definition of win. (jk) seriously cool avatar tho

112 I'm pretty sure he's refering to me. I said she wad a beautiful girl. Fuck all you guys I don't know why all you hate her so much, is it cause you guys can't spell.

Jrook 0

@38 win

jamieeeee 0

@142 fail for spelling was as wad and saying people are stupid for spelling things wrong. haha ㅋㅋㅋ

Stupid fucking autocorrect on my iPod...

baby_val 0

hahahahahaha furreal

Tenebrae 0

142, I see. I don't see why everyone dislikes her - I like her around here. Also, I forget the number and name, but Snickerdoodles doesn't look like a redhead. Byt maybe it's just me.

Tenebrae 0

*but Autocorrect works when not needed but not when needed.

Misguided_Ghost 0

#67 you think wrinkly old people getting at it is hot? if you do; that's just fucken sick.

ashlynn610 12

I'm guessing it was sarcasm... I've seen her comments on alot of fmls and she puts that on like everything

why the hell do people want pics?!?!?!

nolasaints 0

ydi for being overprotective of your grandma (WTF?). first

first? no, FAIL!

zebra_pillow 0

ok nasty lol but you were checking if she was safe so good for you but your poor eyes

you know what the doctors say, "it's good to sexercise even as you get older"

ThatCoolGuy 0

would have been worse if the cops saw you breaking in haha

Why would you break down the door?

So he could suprise them and videotape it for YouTube! I do it all the time to my grandma.

nickforthewin 0

you have problems

Exactly what if she just not home haha i hope that grandma kicked his ass.

xninix_fml 36

You could've called her on the phone, op. Props for caring about your grandma though.

timk_fml 2

did she leave her teeth in? gilf

iluvtnbc 0

agreed with 1

that's a nice mental image. what position is scarred into your retinas? doggie? missionary? little bit of 69? just curious.

Reverse cowgirl, actually.

FYL for old people sex... ewwwwwwwwww

Pearljammer001 0

breaks down door then sees grandma* naw, never mind, that's nasty.

Nice name. pearljammer. win.

Pearljammer001 0

thanx :)

YDI, maybe she went out. How dare u bust the door down?

iamghostbad 0

it could be that his grandma never goes out anymore or not very often. OP got worried and acted on the moment. maybe OP could have thought a little bit ahead and used a window or the backdoor just incase, but I give OP props for being worried and trying to help. I have a 83 year old great grandma, and she has two caretakers plus her family that c to all who posted things like "gilf" or "that's hot" though you made me laugh, I must say, ewww..

iamghostbad 0

stupid iPod -_- 2nd part: check on her periodicaly through the day. one time she didn't answer and we left thinking she was asleep. the caretaker went by later that evening and found she had fallen. thankfully she was allright. OP, FYL for the horrific scene you had to experiance.