By Username - 11/08/2011 04:53 - United States

Today, I walked out of my house wearing only boxers, only to be greeted by kids with paintball guns. FML
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Should've torn off your boxers and charged at them.


This comment will get 50 thumbs up

Your ass will get 100 thumbs up it.

Good thing those bruises go with darn near everything eh?

That's why we as people of the world should be allowed to put landmines in our front yards.

8-then what happens when family is in your front yard?

-12 They were annoying anyway.

At least it wasn't elderly with handbags full of bricks

track them down call their parents. theyll go from cocky to sad little kids.

OP never said they got hit with paintballs

the question is why...would you walk out in your underwear

Find out where they live. The next time they come out of their house, greet them with an AK.

That must have been awkward huh?

Wait was that the FML or are you implying that something else happened?

thats an amazing pic bro


So then you played paintball with them right? I don't see how that's and FML...

"good morning Mr.Johnson."

from the brusing and the paint

Be happy you were wearing anything!!

red, green and yellow balls as well plus a bullseye on the head of his pecker

You must live in a very friendly neighborhood :)

Yeah where was spider-man then :-(

why would you go with boxers only? you were just telling the kids to shoot you in the balls.

exactly!! if I were those kids and saw a man exit his house in his underwear I would commence firing

Should've torn off your boxers and charged at them.

Being naked (usually) solves any issue in life.

Minecraft ftw

Whip out your boxers of fury and do a battle cry!

Time to sound the Battle Cry!

I was one of those kids haha lol

You were born in 1983 and still consider yourself a kid? (even if that comment wasn't a load of bs)

Aww did u get shot in your vagina? Hope so! FYL

Girls don't wear boxers.

Girls can wear boxxxers

-19 I smell a virgin in our midst.

27 I se-men what you did there.

I find it funny how women can wear men's clothing and it would be socially acceptable. Unfortunately for men, if we wear women's clothing, we get shunned from society.

When a girl wears boy clothes she usually does it to be cute(: or is a Tomboy. when a boy wears girl clothing your options are limited.

-38 not all men are shunned, like me! I wear bras and skirts all the time and my clients don't judge me!

-57 Yeah well not in front you