By poopsthegame - 03/12/2012 07:36 - United States - Honolulu

Today, I walked out of my apartment to see that someone had climbed onto the hood of my car and taken a shit on my windshield. I only moved in a couple of weeks ago. FML
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Welcome to the neighborhood. We don't throw eggs at strangers here, we dump on their windshields.

Welcome to the neighborhood!


That stinks. FYL op

Some people are a little different...I guess that is their way of saying welcome to the neighborhood :)

I was making a pun :c "that stinks"? Cause there was shit on his windshield....and...ah nvm lol

16-Two things: 1.) The person above you wasn't replying to you, they were using your comment to reply to OP, i.e thread jacking. 2.) Trust me, we got the pun. Doesn't change the fact that it was bad.

At least they aren't taking a shit on the thread.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

This fml make me think of a parallel universe where people shit on cars instead of birds

63- Looks like we're living in that "parallel" universe then, considering someone DID take a dump on OP's car.

Something along the lines of "Sorry, OP. Looks like you had a shitty day." would have been better.

66 - but in this parallel universe there is one crazy bird that is always shitting on people's cars.

63 that reminds me of that family guy episode when Peter shits on a pigeons car to get revenge.

Some people will just steal anything that's not nailed to the floor. Just be sure to bring your valuables inside or hide them in the truck.

Where does the fml say anything about stealing?

Sorry. Misread the "a shit" as "the shit."

10- why would valuables be on your windshield anyway?

50- it's possible there could have been a GPS mounted on the windshield.

On the outside? That's intelligent..

#10 - Just wanted you to know, I went back and read the FML with the "the shit" in place of "a shit". Laughing my ass off as we speak.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Fuck off bieberfag

Remove yourself Bieber homosexual. Since my last comment was removed..

Yeah maybe that's how the neighborhood lets you know the accept you, by taking a shit on your windshield.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

You have to love the neighbors.

"Here I made you a casserole and even digested it for you. Enjoy"

Get that shit DNA tested then find the asshole it came out of and kick his ass. Then super glue his butt cheeks together

Welcome to the neighborhood. We don't throw eggs at strangers here, we dump on their windshields.

Nonono it's their version of a parking ticket. Though unconventional it gets the point across.

ahwell shit happens

Sounds like a 21 year old who couldn't handle his first night of legal drinking.

So he climbed up on a car and took a dump? Pretty sure he would have fallen off of the car before he even started.

Couldn't it be an animal? Sometimes dog poo looks like human poo (especially when they have diarrhea). Just saying that it would extremely uncomfortable for a person to do that.

I don't think a dog would go to the trouble of climbing up on to a car.

Wow someone there already hates you :P Report it if it continues.

That's what I was thinking. OP may have inadvertently really pissed somebody off. Sucks

Sounds like you found yourself in a shitty situation.

Can't people make up new puns instead of using old overused ones?

How about, that's craptastic! Or what waste! Find out who it was and sewer!

Nothing conveys a warm greeting on a cold Winters day like a streaming pile of shit.

They don't have cold winters in Hawaii. There the pile of shit will stay nice and warm -- like a tourist.

Yeah perdix but once OP cleans it off their car it will go away. Unlike a tourist.

File a complaint with the office.

I wonder if they will have a form for that

Complaint, for what? This is not the offices issue. Notify them, put up a camera if you can.

Big bird strikes again.

That's why we should have voted for Romney, he was going to cut PBS funds. Well, I don't really care because I live in Canada where there is free tucking health care :):)

54- What does Romney, Canada, and free health care have to do with anything?

Are you kidding me?! They have to do with everything. Healthcare, Obama, pigeons, violas, hamsters, and deranged blood thirsty Canadians are all they keys for the upcoming social uproar and anarchy that will result in the upmost end of all existence!

How is this comment rated down? Nobody must've gotten it. Pity, this was comedy gold...