By johnnyfuckfacer - Canada - Concord
Today, I walked into work, after having given my boss a weather prediction last week, so he could decide on which day to open a new company division. I was immediately taken aside and written up for "providing false information, adversley impacting morale". FML
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  Carmstro  |  13

Or, the boss was making his own prediction- that OP was GOING to provide false information. Maybe the boss just saved the world.

That or yes, he's dumb.

  McNerdyNerd  |  8

Actually..if you are both trying to be dicks and make fun of mentally challenged people...that would be one EXTRA luck with that insulting.

  lacespace  |  8

Ya! Way to be a dumbass. Clearly if the weatherman himself can't 100% predict it and your boss can't look it up his damn self you're a complete moron for not being correct. Fool.