By johnnyfuckfacer - 18/10/2012 19:40 - Canada - Concord

Today, I walked into work, after having given my boss a weather prediction last week, so he could decide on which day to open a new company division. I was immediately taken aside and written up for "providing false information, adversley impacting morale". FML
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How's the weather Ollie? It's raining sideways!


How's the weather Ollie? It's raining sideways!

Sounds tough, would you like anything? SOUP! Ok, what kind? CHUNKY!

And now for traffic. Whats the traffic look like Ollie? EVERYBODY LOOKS LIKE ANTS!!!

So you see? You don't have to be intelligent or talented to be successful, just look at OP's boss.

What are you doin to beat the heat Ollie? SWIMMIN' HOLE!!

EnigmaThe321 12

Hmm, thread jacking again are we?

What's the weather looking like later Ollie? IT'S GON' RAIN!!

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

And here to give us a first look at the planes landing is Ollie Williams, Ollie? I'M AT THE WRONG AIRPORT!

Marijuana is now legal.. It's lee-legal. How's the weather looking Ollie? "Not too bad.."

Your boss is a complete idiot.

And yet he is a boss. What a world we live in

HowAreYouToday 34

Your boss is a *sadistic genius

No, no variation of this comment is correct. OP's boss is a complete idiot. No if,ands, or buts about it lol :P

Or, the boss was making his own prediction- that OP was GOING to provide false information. Maybe the boss just saved the world. That or yes, he's dumb.



It's how it usually happens.

Sometimes I question people who are in charge. Is he missing a chromosome or two??

We might be hitting three at this level...

McNerdyNerd 8

Actually..if you are both trying to be dicks and make fun of mentally challenged people...that would be one EXTRA luck with that insulting.

JellyBalls 18

^ Yes we all hate "Mentally Retarded" people. But did anyone else see sarcasm fly by while reading the comment above?

Does he not know the definition of prediction?

Wow now that's stupid

wyattshack 4

I like your username op :D

Thank you for your comment related to the FML post.

Thank you for your comment in relation to a comment in relation to an FML post

13 - Thank you for making yourself look like a total ass.

dominic1221 6

Sorry OP, I had sympathy for you but your username robbed me of it all.

secretsymbiote21 5

maybe he should just watch the news to avoid problems.

KalCountry76 11

It's not your fault. Your boss obviously lacks a functioning brain.

unicornoats 5

What a TARD!

florido_fml 10

Do better!

lacespace 8

Ya! Way to be a dumbass. Clearly if the weatherman himself can't 100% predict it and your boss can't look it up his damn self you're a complete moron for not being correct. Fool.

Wow i cant belive a jesus freak would tell someone to kill themselfs... What a world.