By fredo - United States - Ames
  Today, I walked into the room naked while my wife was on the computer to surprise her. She smiled, put down her laptop and left for the bathroom so I started jerking it in anticipation. It was really feeling good until my wife's best friend, who was on Skype, started giggling. FML
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  Bakarra  |  22

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  bamagrl410  |  31

What I don't understand is how OP didn't notice the Skype screen. When you're on a laptop, the webcam faces you. And if it was left open to where he was on camera, I'd think he'd notice someone's face across a screen... No? Just me?

  hendix  |  17

Ya I agree there, a computer screen is obvious! I doubt he was paying attention to it at all until he heard the giggles. I say go for the threesome ;)

By  Bakarra  |  22

It's not like it matters, everyone knows alot of girls tell their friends about how good her boyfriend is in the sack. Shame on your wife for leaving the speaker on though, sneakyness failed.

  Bakarra  |  22

I could see that but to me if it was meant to be a joke then the wife would have said something after instead of letting it become an fml-worthy situation as the husband clearly felt it was