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  Girreth  |  7

I like how the internet is totally fine with all those other weird-ass fetishes, but as soon as furries and the like are mentioned, everything goes to hell.
Personally, I think it's a disgusting fetish - but it's hilarious how quickly people become hostile when it's brought up.
And it's interesting how every comment defending that shit gets downvoted into the ground.
"I get turned on by pregnant german women in spandex, but you get turned on by animals who can talk? Sick piece of shit, your fetishes are disgusting." reeks of hypocrisy


I came off as douchey (which I was), but those comments are akin to "no comment" and "I've got nothing to say." They're all ludicrous oxymorons and should be stopped.
Wow- even more douchey... I'm sad right now, cut me some slack.

  FitForFun  |  11

I honestly am loosing it at all these people defending this behavior, I had problems all my life and I'm sure others have too, but I did not judge nor come to hate anyone. I am honestly disgusted by the fact that anyone would have a sexual fetish to anything designated to children, we know that's not okay. People can have all the nasty adult fetishes they want, I don't judge, but nothing is as nasty as doing something like this about something with a kids demographic. We all mostly have a moral compass and anyone who still has one ticking knows this is wrong.

  rawr_ily96  |  24

Believe it or not, cloppers, as we bronies call those who do this, are looked down on by most of us. In other words, I give everyone permission to hunt this sick idiot down and kick him in the balls.

  DrFordon  |  5

Son, you are a whole 'nother flavor of dumb, aren't you? Don't assume people are idiots because they like something you hate. Also, don't post idle threats. Those don't go far.

  Blue_Black_fml  |  21

#95, what OP's brother does is not just something #68 hates; it's an abomination for an act, and most humans view it that way. Only "cloppers" would consider this act normal.


#124- But I'm sure something turns YOU on that other people wouldn't like. Who are you to judge what an "abomination" another fetish is? Don't be a hypocrite.

And no, I'm not a clopper in the least.

  Mossears133  |  15

No no, cloppers are, in general, creepy fuckers. Just the thought of.....EYUGH!!!!! #65 is right, the brony community frowns upon cloppers right along with everyone else.

  flea_of_death  |  23

34 - just to clarify, most bronies do not associate with cloppers. Most cloppers do not actually watch or care about the show. There are a few people who are both bronies and cloppers, but they don't boast about the gross aspect. Plus every fandom has rule 34...*hides from pony haters*

  GetKayotic  |  12

I agree with you completely. As a Brony myself, I am quite ashamed of that part of the fandom. I wouldn't mind if they kept it extremely secret, but they are making people think that all bronies "clop".

  ashesanddust  |  8

I swear this is the second sexual fml about my little pony I've read recently and a while back I watched a segment on tosh.0 about lesbian my little pony porn. Wtf is wrong with some people