By Anonymous - 04/12/2012 05:01 - United States

Today, I walked into school confident about the new hair color I'd had done over the weekend. My drama teacher apparently dyed her hair the same color; everyone noticed and thought I'd copied her. FML
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That's what you get for choosing "Mousy Brown 173". If you had gone for "Katy Perry Blue 511", this would never have happened. I hope you've learned something from this.


How does that comment even apply in this situation ?

Yes, it's a product reference, but the question still stands: how does it even remotely apply to this Fml lol.

Seriously? Nice and Easy is a hair color product. Google also could have told you that.

Exactly- I get the hair color part. What I don't understand is is how "nice and easy" makes sense relating to this Fml?

BeforeItWasCool 12

It's like explaining something to a small child who doesn't speak English very well. The FML relates to hair, the comment was a hair product reference. Hair products are used on hair. Again, the FML is relating to hair. It's all connected!

The only thing worse than being a teacher's pet is being a teacher's twin :o

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Try dying it another color in a month, gray would work well, your drama teacher wouldn't copy that.

Suggesting that grey would only make her teacher look older, which is assumed as undesirable.

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I say they fight it out to the death. winner gets to keep the look.

12- I agree, the fight could easily resolve the issue. OP would go Super Saiyan and voila, hair colors are no longer matching.

Bitch, you just jealous of my super saiyan swagger.

I ain't saiyan' nothin' 'bout yo' swagga! Do not make me ka-karote kick you!

Hold on, I'm gonna hit you with a spirit bomb. Just wait for like 5 hours and stand still so I can hit you like a super bad ass!

You can still be confident as long as you dont let those people get to you.

Agreed! People can only bring you down if you let them. It's hard, but try your best to ignore them and walk through your school proud with your newly dyed hair!

If you both got it done on the weekend how would you have seen her to copy her?

Next time dye your hair with multiple colors, it can't be copied.

4ugu4 7

You seem to be getting buried in every FML.

And his comments aren't THAT bad, it's not like they're hilarious or amusing but they make sense, and he does have a point

How do you know your drama teacher didn't watch you through your window and copy you? Im just saying that's a little weird to get it the same exact color.

RedPillSucks 31

Straight out of the box. It's probably not hard to duplicate.

That's odd. But if you both got it done on the weekend, how could you have copied her? Just play it off as the teacher copying you!