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Today, I walked into my elderly grandmother's trailer, used the bathroom and went to wash my hands. She had a soft spot in the floor that she covered with a bathmat. I fell through. Right leg up to my hip in the floor, boobs stuck on the counter. My husband and grandmother stood there laughing. FML
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  Tthug  |  34

Dude. Birth beats out getting kicked in the balls by a factor of 100. Accept it and move on. Instead of bitching about how bad it hurts to get kicked in the balls.


Idk this one time I licked a frozen pole. Ripped the skin off my tongue, it was the only way to get it off. I think that's worse than both of those put together. That's why I only lick windows now.

  22jrdn55  |  15

lol at # 20, but you could've just poured warm water on your tongue, sparing you the whole pain! btw YDI.

op, hope your boobs are okay, nothing is worse than a flat boob!

  iDaniel525  |  8

Taking an arrow to the knee kinda hurts, too.

  CaptainTwiggy  |  0

Yes 19, because every single female is obligated to give birth. It's totally not caused by choices she makes nearly every time she does. Males sure do get hurt in the nuts in less than the average woman gives birth in her life, too.


Listen according to a national testing giving birth is ranked at 3467 (whatever the name is for the measurement for pain) whereas a male receiving a kick to the groin is 9353. It is eqaul to breaking over 4000 bones simultaneously

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

No graham11, actually I was invited to an event hosted by DocBastard who slowly grinded a guys scrotum and did all that I mentioned in the above comment I made.

Gruesom, I know. I've been scarred for life...

  desireev  |  17

I don't know how it feels to get kicked in the balls. I am not equipped for that. But I do know that receiving a "boob punch" is some terrible pain to endure. I've given birth to a child. It's pretty bad.. But the drugs helped tremendously.. Receiving a boob punch causes me to freeze up. It takes my breath away. My face turns red. And I do cry like a little baby. It is terrible. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone!

  ninjacapo  |  2

A good hit to the nuts makes your whole body sore and altho id belive that giveing birth is quite painful, they make drugs for that and you only do it a few times, takein a shot to the balls is alot more likely

  deadeyedex  |  6

Actually while your getting burned the fire is so hot it melts your nerves so you can't feel it. The reason why people scream is cause the shock of being on fire

  pulse18  |  2

53- I just got there last night! Go to helgen or whatever it's called and go east. Thats the easiest way. Or you could always buy the clairvoyance spell that will tell you how.