By JN5SLK - 08/11/2013 22:29 - United States - Salt Lake City

Today, I walked into my dorm room, only to witness my roommate shaving her vag over my trashcan. FML
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What has been seen cannot be unseen...

Aw, man. Shave me from the horrid details of this story!


She should have shaved that gor a later time. ..

Thank God it was with her razor. There was a time when I got home from college and ran into one of my 3 roommates banging on the door of the other one in a fury. It turned out he got caught shaving his junk with the wrong razor while he had my roomie's toothbrush in mouth. Needless to say we buttered the floor to his door.

I cunt see what the problem is here

I wish I had eaten earlier. (feels sick)

At least she used the trash can.

I like pudding but not surprises like that.

Well i'd rather get intimate with a girl who shaves down there over a bin than girl who doesnt shave at all. Any day.

#55 I agree with that the bin was a good thing in this fml. However indicating that you would require a girl to be shaven if you were to be with her is kinda a dick move. Do you shave your sack and the rest every second day to keep it smooth and child-like for her?

I can only wonder how Oscar the Grouch feels...

I shave certain parts and trim the rest in preparation for parties and events, and lots of girls I know do the same. Its like being well showered and wearing cologne for a date, its just being prepared and being courteous to your potential intimate partners. If you cant be bothered to even put in the little effort it takes to clean up present nicely, then dont expect intimate company from those who do maintain themselves. And no its not a "dick thing to say" because its an issue that people are perfectly capable of preventing, same goes for overweight people. Now if I was to discriminate against a woman for something completely out of her control, say her breast size, which is pretty superficial, that would be a "dick thing to say". And I dont know.about your genitals, but mine certainly look full and adult.

66, Cool story bro....

Haha i see what you did there

#66 in the first post i guessed you was quite narrow-minded. Thanks for confirming it. and for the record, unshaven doesn't mean unclean.

@99 uh, yes it does. Does matter how hard you scrub down there, plenty of molecules of feces still get caught up in pubic hair. And it is disgusting to get pubes in your mouth while going down on a girl.

oh. definitely an awkward situation.

You could say its a... hairy situation.

\ 28

Can we, united as the FML collective, officially agree to end use of all phrases containing the word "situation" modified by an adjective?

Yes thank you 22!

And the birth of a new shitty commenters phrase begins.... "well this is a shitty predicament"

Yes! Please!

\ 28

#69 Bad comments (including mine) can't be stopped altogether, but shitty trends sure can be stopped :)

What has been seen cannot be unseen...

Vexing is better and more effective

Until they invent the memory eraser from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

And this turns into some screwed love story.

Aw, man. Shave me from the horrid details of this story!

college woman had to do was she had to do. I'd watch out for pubes in your ramen.

Yeah I remember those days...

Just be thankful that all that pubic hair is going straight to the trash.

But it's Movember

Yeah? It doesn't all apply to females. It's mainly for males and to raise money for prostate cancer. Not saying a female can't shave down there, because the temperatures are dropping and even I think I should leave myself unshaven to keep warm. But, eh.

1) it was a joke... Im about 99percent sure. 2) that might have been its original meaning but that certainly isn't what it is nowadays I actually first heard of this from girls using it as an excuse not to shave for an entire month...

Better than clogging the sink or shower.

...that's possible?

Something I really didn't need to know

If that's what you think about this FML, perhaps this isn't the right place for you.

why? did you just pictured the whole scene in your head? ;)

40, why did you put that creepy winking face at the end? ;)

You should have offered to help her. It could have gotten HOT!

no wonder your name is biglow.

looks like someone's been watching dirty roommates ;)

I sincerely hope that was a joke.