By QuestionMyLife - United States
Today, I walked into my bedroom and realized I really needed to clean it. As I started to pick everything up off of the floor, I tripped over a shoe, slipped on a water bottle, pulled down my shoe rack and landed in my armoire. My room is now dirtier than it was when I started. FML
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By  israelnotjacob  |  20

I'm going to say YDI if you seriously let your room get THAT dirty. It's not that hard to just pick up after yourself. People act like that's such a big deal, like some project that requires setting aside a whole day just for that. If you wouldn't be so lazy as to just pick up after yourself regularly, it would take about a minute or two on average, and you'd rarely have to actually set time aside to pick up random things, and it wouldn't feel so overwhelming when you do it. It'll just be an everyday activity you hardly even think about.

  GhostDuck  |  30

5- While I agree with you completely that you should clean up after yourself regularly, sometimes you may need to set aside a whole day to clean your bedroom. I sometimes have to set aside a whole day so I can to through papers, clean a closet or dresser, etc.