By Anonymous - 03/12/2009 08:39 - United States

Today, I walked into my apartment to find my boyfriend of two years screwing my lifelong best friend. I immediately burst into tears. He looked at me and told me I was being too dramatic. FML
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that's when you grab a blunt object and see who's dramatic now. physco bitch ftw.

Wow man, I'm really sorry that happened


that's when you grab a blunt object and see who's dramatic now. physco bitch ftw.

that sucks op. I hate affairs and crap like that. ppl who do those things are stupid in my book even if their iq was higher than einsteins or newtons

I don't understand why guys cheat and have affairs. if they want sex so bad. then go get it from their girlfriend. if you get nothing from her. get a new girlfriend or masturbate. simple as that.

81- its not only guys that have affairs... girls do it alot too... they're just smarter at covering it up haha

No actually that's the moment you should realize, it's just sex.

101 you're a Retard.

Well if she murdered them both then she could get off easier using the heat of the moment ruling. Would only get murder 2 for that :)

Yeah, too dramatic because neither of them deserve even one of your tears - especially him, the manipulator!

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erm. that's why there's a 3 beside your name. right?

You just got punk'd!

Wow man, I'm really sorry that happened

Then, show him really how much you can be dramatic. Then it's FHL.

OP, I hope you wrote this from jail, after goin OJ on them. if not, DYI. grow a back bone!

you are extremely rude!! This has happened to me once, trust me it's like saying " get the f*** over it" I mean at least a bit kind

#7- "Deserve You It"?

I'll bang you out infront of him and we see how he acts

Daamn that sounds fun

o thAt's nice, seems like a winner...

Oh wow! That's harsh!! Hope your life takes a turn for the better and soon!