By omgfmlhard - United States
Today, I walked into Best Buy to buy a 42" widescreen TV I'd been saving up for many months. As I walked in, a man stopped me and handed me my wallet that I'd accidentally dropped. I thanked him. 5 minutes later at the checkout, I opened up my wallet to realize it was empty. He had stolen everything. FML
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  mikepzz  |  27

Didn't know debit cards were a debt. Also using a credit card is good, simply purchase with the credit card and transfer the cash over and pay it off immediately. Builds your credit score and you pay no more than the cost of the purchase...

  RyanKaufman  |  7

Because wallets normally have people's names and pictures on them right? How's this supposed good person gonna know it's OP's wallet without some identification? Unless they assumed. "Is this your wallet" would be the quote then. I'm pretty sure the guy who gave OP it stole it. But OP deserves it for not checking it. When your wallet falls things can also fall out.

  klutzyduck1  |  24, last time I checked, yes wallets have ID, normally a license with their picture and address. In my experience with dealing with criminals (as a job), people that steal your stuff, are normally not the ones to return the wallet/stuff. This is because most people would check the wallet and find the money missing, then call the police.

  SneezyBear  |  27

#132 If OP dropped the wallet and the person who found it knew it was her wallet, chances are he really did steal her stuff. Your suggestion that someone else took her cards doesn't make sense. If that was true, OP would have dropped her wallet, Person 1 (the thief) picked it up, emptied it, and then dropped it again, and person 2 (the nice guy) saw it lying there and returned it to her. If Person 2 saw Person 1 doing this, they would have tried to stop them or call the police or tell OP or SOMETHING. If person 1 somehow had enough time to disappear by the time person 2 came along, OP should be long gone too and there's no way person 2 would see a wallet lying there and know who it belonged to. So yes, the only explanation that makes sense is the person who found the wallet and knew immediately who its owner was, was also the one who stole the money.