By Sandman2015 - United States - American Fork
Today, I walked in on one of my co-workers jerking off in the bathroom, complete with heavy breathing and victory groans. I don't want to go to HR, but I can't even look at him anymore. We have to work on a project together next week. FML
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Where I work, instead of stalls it's just one male and female bathroom. Each with 1 toilet, sink, and lockable door. Unfortunately most people forget about the lockable part of them.

  KayDee29  |  31

#7 Good point, although I'm not sure why OP would have walked into a stall being used so I'm curious as to how he walked in on said perpetrator and if he was just jerkin it over the sink. But who knows, I'm a woman. I'm not really sure what men's restrooms look like anyways.

  izzie321  |  27

Or maybe there's open urinals? Like a lot of men's bathrooms when they're all lined up with no walls or anything in between. He could've been doing it in one of those..

  ulissey_fml  |  22

I cannot believe it takes a non native speaker to stress that "should of " just does NOT exist , nor does it mean anything. It is " should HAVE ".
As in :
- a modal like SHOULD can be in the present tense: it is used with an infinitive verb ( I should KNOW this)
-In the past , it is used with HAVE and a PAST form of the verb. ( I should HAVE LEARNED this at grade school)

  Fuckthefuck  |  4

that's true. English is not my native tongue, and yet I speak it more good (jk), better than most native speakers I know in America. The funny thing is that some try to pick on me by correcting me on wording that isn't commonly used, and they turn out to be wrong.