By SomePeoplesKids - 08/05/2012 06:08 - Canada - Okotoks

Today, I walked in on my daughter attempting to iron her pants with a hair straightener. She's 17. FML
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sierra142 19

Rather clever idea actually.

I do that all the time, it's great for shirt collars and around buttons!


sierra142 19

Rather clever idea actually.

set his sperm on fire

FMLshark 12

Is this the same girl who tried to tan herself with a desk lamp? I thought so.

I don't see why it wouldn't work?

hotPinklipstick 24

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

shanemaximo 7

Has the same principle as a regular iron. This would have been more of an FML if she had been using a curling iron.

Agreed. It's only a fail if she was wearing the pants at the time.

I actually do that quite often because I usually don't have time to set out the iron board and stuff. It works!

porcupineattack1 5

This is better than the other way around too.

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I used to use an iron to straighten my hair before I had a straightener, so they both really do both jobs.

spekledworf 18

I'm not gunna lie, I've ironned a shirt with a hair straightener because I don't have an ironing board an it actually works


Yeah, exactly. I mean, it works on little things. But I've never tried it on a full pair of pants before..

Yeah I've definitely ironed some of my clothes with my straightener. It works

xStaciexLynnx 15

The real FML would be if 78 was your child and thought a hair straightener would burn pants but not an iron...

This works. Especially for recreating a crease in your folded shorts!

iLoveTo69Bitches 0

Not really. If it could be done, irons wouldn't be so big. People would use straighteners. She's a dumbass.

oiendoio 1

my point exactly! Sound an ingenuitive chick

kayla_ann0o 9

When I read this I asked my mom if she forgot how old I was she said no why and I asked her if she posted it. She just started laughing.

TheBonzaiGirl 0

Our dorms are so cramped we have to come up with creative uses for everything. For example, we not only use a straightener to iron creases out of clothes, but also to grill quesadillas, incubate eggs, use as heat when the radiator conks out... ect.

I'm probably going to get thumbed down again for this, but I don't get why I was thumbed down before, straighteners burn things. I probably sound like an obvious bitch right now so I'm gonna shut up. :|

#215 really you don't know why your comment was thumbed down? If straighteners would burn pants then we wouldn't iron then either

I was told they burn things. O.o Well now I feel like an idiot. I deserved those thumbs down.

If hair straighteners burned things THAT BADLY, why would people use them on their hair?

2cute4u_18 1

Not gonna lie, I do that too

235- I was told it can burn other things. Now I feel like an idiot for believing that.

I agree, tbh. When my iron broke, I started using my hair straightener to iron my clothes. I wasn't expecting it to work. But it did. Surprisingly well, actually.

Well did it work?

Well... I don't have an iron or an ironing board. I'd love one. So a straightener is the next best thing. Trust me when I say it works like a charm on stubborn neck lines and little ribbon details.

I do this and it woks fairly well. I'm a college student living in the dorms, I don't have the space for an ironing board let alone time to set it up. OP Shouldn't be so judgmental -_-

Yeah me too, it's more accurate and comes through in a pinch


Sounds like something a lot of people I know would do!

Hey I've done that when I'm changing into a dress after a show at school. It's works actually

tj5810 21

I've used an iron on my hair too. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

ekdfml 20

Where's the fire?

btnhdude 0

Hey everybody! Buckie agrees with 1!

FMLshark 12

My gosh, 3, I wonder what they made those two thumbs for? You know, the up and down thumb? Probably just for decoration.

I like licking ankles

I don't always wear pants made of hair But when I do I make sure I straightened them with my hair straightener.

32- Now why the hell would we ask that?

Because we have a sense of humour, #84.

4-There's a button for that.

37- get your mind out of the gutter

I think it's a YDI for "walking in on" her

At least he didn't walk in on her master-baiting with a boom causing her to jump up and falling on the broom while it's in her.

^ Lol, have you been on Snopes lately?

Wait: she a master at baiting, and she baits with a 'boom'? Ultimate fisher.

At least she's not expecting you to do it for her!

Can I ask what is in your mouth? It really intrigues me to say the least.

Wow first I thought too long about what weird kind of condoms you possibly know and now I can't unsee it and had to change the picture :/ (btw:it was an innocent marshmallow kind of thing!)

ekdfml 20

Where's the fire?

I do that all the time, it's great for shirt collars and around buttons!

CaramelMacchiato 13

I guess you learn something new everyday. Thanks for the advice, definitely trying this out! >:D

It works really well when you find a crease on the collars just as you're about to leave. :)

Glad I ain't the only one lol

It's very convient :D

That's right, boys be jealous. Unless you're a boy who straightens their hair like my bf (FML) haha.

sparklecherry 4

I'm sure you do, Blondie.

DeadxManxWalking 27

Gotta improvise and experiment.

Redoxx_fml 22

Her father must be the man who dries carpets with painter's tape

Or cleans. Although, 'dries' would've actually been a better FML!

Get off your arse and buy the poor thing an iron then! Can't you see she's struggling!

Can't decide whether that's worse than using painters tape to clean up a carpet. Teenagers will find ingenious ways to do things differently. Cleaning a bed? Nah, a teenager would just spray it with some deodorant and say its done.

CaramelMacchiato 13

You make it sound like it's teenagers in general. I, for one, am not like that, and I'm a teenager. It's only a select few who give us a bad title.

cassiebear7652 7

201- Exactly. We're not all retarded.