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Next time, go around to the other side and surprise him. big was the hole?


Haha sounds like someone should give it up

well ur fault for not giving him enough

1- "trying to" Or get better at aiming.

Hey number 9, don't be a fuckball. only respond to respond and not to be up top.

We like to stick our thing into any holes we can find.

Every room should have a dick hole

He's essentially fucking your wall...

Technically there's always one in the house whichever room your in ;)

26 - You seem to quite enjoy the word fuckball. And what do you have against thread jacking?

Rule 34, always true

I've seen a video like that… I mean ughh ummmm ....... No I didn't ! * walks away hoping no body heard me

Oh, so that's a bad thing… oops…

Ahh..Good ole glory hole.

Houses need love too xD

Obviously he was practicing.. big was the hole?

It doesn't matter how big it is. The point is that we've found the fourth hole!!!

Will the wonders never cease =p

37- Quagmire found it first.

Op was nailing posters in

65- yeah your right actually. Damn.

Gibbbitty gibbittty

He was probably "plastered":)

116- it's actually "Giggity. Giggity."

116 - fail at your "attempted" joke

116, you need to learn young one.

Why do you have a hole in your wall?

Lol was wondering that myself

Holy .....

Im.... Mind fucked....

Hey if we see a hole that Lines up perfectly with our dicks in our bedroom were going to try it at one point or another

Well obviously because they havent fixed it.

glory hole at its finest

What else would you have a hole in your wall for?

How big was the hole?

Check 39's post and you will know.

4- you have successfully copied what 2 said.....congrats

Next time, go around to the other side and surprise him.

I like where this is going giggidy giggidy goo

saw this in a porn once.

He just misses his glory hole days

Yeah, but wouldn't the insulating make his penis itch like crazy? Doesn't seem very glorious to me...

Maybe if you let him stick it in one of your holes he wouldn't have to use the wall now would he?

Ears.... No Nostrils........ No.. Under the toenails........... No..... Sorry I'm really bad at this.

Ugh sounds like last night.

This sounded funnier before I posted it

I was thinking the same thing :p

just checking to make sure theres no rats!

imagine if there were

Sounds hot! I feel so gay right now...

U should....

I read this and laughed. Some fml's are great.