By suxx - 25/06/2011 08:39 - United States

Today, I walked around for hours with a post-it on my back reading "I JUST HAD SEX!" My boyfriend stuck it on me. FML
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Did it feel so good?

What an amazing boyfriend you've got there!


What an amazing boyfriend you've got there!

There should be another post-it under it, saying: "AND IT FELT SO GOOOOOOD!!!".

What if he's cute and ends up having volunteers?

53 then it worked out for everyone.

then put one that says "I lasted 15 seconds in bed"

haha yeah at least he wasn't lying

let me put my penis inside her!!..

No it shoudlve said "IT FELT SOOOO GREAT!"

i would love to have a boyfriend like thatxD

60, cuz he has a sense of humor and like that other commenter said, id feel like a boss

do you know whether he called his parents after he was done

what I'm thinking is: Was op just around the house? Or did they go out somewhere?

"it felt so good when I did it with my penis"

Havin' sex can make a nice man out the meanest.

She took the post-it, and THREW IT ON THE GROUND She's not a part of his system.

this is the 2nd FML on the last 2 days where I have made lonely island references haha

You should put one on him saying "She let me wear my chain and my turtleneck sweater!"

OP did u keep looking at you watch? or did u put a bag on his head? WHICH WAS IT?!?!?! or was it both

hey it's a a great song

Well sure! Nice of her to let him do that thang! Nice of any girl ever!

how about my girlfriend played that song after the first time we had sex :O how awesome haha good times good times hahaha

you got yourself a keeper!

22, you just failed bad

her boyfriend wanted to show off!

Did it feel so good?

Did you let him put his penis insiiiiiide of you?

will you ever go back?

To the not having sex ways of the past?

when he had sex, it felt great. it felt so good when he did it with his penis dont know about the girls opinionxD

I just had sex, but it didn't feel good cause it was rape D:

67 if this really happened why would you say that? go to a clinic! go to the police! I'm just looking out for you fellow FMLer. if it didn't you must be the girlfriend and still feeling pretty bitter about the note. well cheer up buckaroo! get back on that horse and this time make him pinky promise not to do it again. that stuff is legit.

Did you let him wear his chain and his turtleneck sweater?

never guess where he just came from he had sex and if he had to describe the feeling it was the best

did he call his parents right after he was done?

Doesn't matter, had sex.

besides the two comments in the middle... C-C-C-Combo breaker!

Did you put a bag over his head?

Did he cry the whole time?

Best 30 seconds of your life?

Might he be a racist?

are you a mermaid....oh wait.....wrong song.

Was Akon there too?

I don't get it :/

Would he have honestly had Sex with a pile of manure?

Liam, the teenager who just woke up!

best 30 seconds of his life

ah I love The Lonely Island :)

146 has probably never heard the song therefore, didn't experience the mind-blowing awesomeness of The Lonely Island.

Did you let him flop around ontop of you?

haha like the song

if you just had sex in the last 30 minutes you qualify to sing this song.

Did he see your boobies and the rest?:D

This has to be the best chain of comments on an FML that I have ever read. Ever.

better than no sex

had sex undressed all her boobies and the rest!

yea I would be proud to wear that post it:)

that's what I was thinking

would you rather it say I just ate my dog!!!?

by ur name, im assuming you find dogs yummylicious? that is just wrong my friend. wrong.

how do u even think of that?

At least everyone thinks you're a boss!

Not neccessarily.....

man this thread is infected by The Lonely Island xP

I suppose it is a subject worth bragging.... or is said boyfriend a bit lame in the sack, EH?

You're boyfriends a genious! :)

yeah, but not a 'genius' :D

Bahaha, fail on my part :P yes I suck at spelling

No number 10 your the genius.

181, you could have been nice about it like the other guy. ya asshole. she noticed her wrongdoing

181- *you're, learn to use proper grammar. :)

Was a bag put on his head?

damn 57 beat me to it xD

He might have been a racist

hey it still counts

I see what you... tried to do there

Did he think you were a racist?

you gota admit. that is funny

agreed laugh it off & put one on him next time.

it would not work the same he would just get high fives.