By ulring - 12/02/2012 00:53 - United States

Today, I walked all the way across campus to eat the first meal I've had all day. After waiting for my food in a congested line for 30 minutes, I got to the register to pay. Turns out my wallet was a twenty minute walk away, back in my apartment. FML
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if it was $7 or under and i was behind you, i would have paid for it OP

You sir are very kind.


White people problems

Drop the race card, I hate double standards.

Food. Who needs it anyway? :P

Mandy0325 1

Yea should have checked to make sure.. But thats a horrible feeling o should know

theten_fml 9

Run back to the apartment and take your food. Pay them tomorrow.

op needs a bike just to save time....ohhh the life of collage memories building up.

Meanwhile, a child in Africa just died of starvation.

It happens to the best of us OP! Sorry :(

if it was $7 or under and i was behind you, i would have paid for it OP

What about $7.50??

hmmm, i guess i'd give them my lucky 50 cent piece in my shoe

You sir are very kind.

I'm going to hold that against you next time I stalk..I mean see you..umm, got to go.

Michael_92 20

Everyone on Fml should pay Pentium 4 a visit. Free meals for everyone!

I remeber once I was at movie theater when I was 11 I came up 3 dollars short of a meal and this big gangster looking guy paid for me. Friendly nieborhood gangsters ftw.

toenibbler 14

I forgot my house keys in my school locker the other day, my school is a twenty minute bikeride away. So I had to wait in the freezing cold for an hour for my mum to come home. I know how you feel.

I would have ridden back and gotten it since I hate waiting and by doing anything. And then you still would have an extra 20 minutes :)

* and NOT doing anything

Should'be went back to school... It would've saved you 20 minutes.


This is kind of sad I wouldve almost cryed depending on how hungry I was :[

A100893 30

I hate when that happens. To prevent problems like this I check for all the important stuff I need before leaving my door. ID, keys, money, and ipod.

Sorry to hear that , that's crazy things happen but I know you was upset.

At least you're not going to get fat!