By firelava - 25/04/2014 22:59 - United States - Grand Prairie

Today, I waited two hours in line at college to select my classes. I finally got to the desk, only to be told I have to apply online before I can show up in person. FML
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If college has taught me anything, it's that you always read the directions to everything.

Goes online, *Site Down due to scheduled maintenance please go to campus to apply for classes*


If college has taught me anything, it's that you always read the directions to everything.

My teacher one time the directions were out your name on the test and then turn it in

You can officially be called an idiot when you fail that.

Don't know what you're trying to say #5.

So I spent what felt like an eternity deciphering the hieroglyphics that #5 typed and I came up with: "Teacher turn name up in out name once upon a time directions in the end." Back to the drawing board for me.

#23 I think #5 was tying to start along the lines of "my teacher said" then changed it to "one time the directions were to put your name on it then turn it in"

I don't know what going on #5...

guys, if you read it upside down, it kind of makes sense.

Either way #5 needs to apply for basic schooling.. As for OP... Why not whip out your phone and apply right then and there?

You should've looked into that beforehand but still, that sucks. :(

At least you were proactive about your education... More grease to your elbows...

Two hours of your life you will never get back...

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Was I the only one expecting this to end by the college closing?

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Atleast now you know for next semester!! That's what happened to me so don't feel bad. :)

Do your research

yep....i know tht feels /:

Guess they didn't get the memo

Because OP failed to familiarize himself with the rules? Yeah, we definitely need reformed.