By Anonymous - 16/09/2013 20:30

Today, I waited in the pouring rain for my wife to come pick me up from work. It was only after I was thoroughly drenched that I remembered it was my wife's day off, and that I drove myself to work earlier in her car, which was parked fifty feet from where I was waiting. FML
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Ahh man, routines can do that to you sometimes haha. Tough luck


Ahh man, routines can do that to you sometimes haha. Tough luck

It's like when it's summer, you get a whole new routine. When school comes back, it changes again

Couldn't OP have just called on their cell phone? When I am waiting for a ride, I always call the person to confirm and see how far away they are.

33 - Not if it's every day! And unless they're exceptionally late, it seems a little pushy to be calling every time.

Routines are hard to break. OP, why not put a reminder in your cell (in your calendar or alarm) when you take your wife's car to work? That way you're reminded. It's proven that if you write it down (better yet, setting a reminder) you will remember what you wrote.

Why its it that the only thing i can think of to say is "fail"

70, the irony.

Ibuki 15

#33 - OP drove to work in his wife's car. It's written right there.

Forgetting things.... Part of getting older. Hope your day turned around!

you should leave your wet shirt in the car as "payback"

More like hellday


It's Tuesday

It wasn't Tuesday yesterday.

you must've been drenched . wonder what the story was when you got home ! lol

Well he did say he was thoroughly drenched...

Were you singing in the rain?

No, just waiting, from the looks of the story.

Sounds like it was just one of them days!

with the he said she said bullshit *sorry couldnt resist*

28, What the hell are you even talking about? *sorry couldn't resist*.

love that song.

53 - Limp bizkit man!

*Gets home, Wife accuses you of cheating*

OP: "Honey, I'm home, and I'm soaked." Wife: "Yeah, I can see that. You're drenched in another woman's juices. GTFO, and you can leave the car." OP: "But it's just rain!" Wife: "Like hell if I'll believe that you cheating scumbag."

#58 - Cool story, bro! (In all fairness and reality, I actually was rather amused.)

63 - Yeah, it was the first thing that came to mind when I read the cheating comment. Oh the things you say when you haven't had time to sleep in 3 days...

why say "cool story bro" if "in all fairness and reality" you were rather amused??

Happens to the best of us OP. I'll get to work at 5am and get off at 3 and forget where I parked sometimes.

Well that soaks! Yeah? No one..? Okay...

If you pun it, they will come.

I hope she's not mad at you for getting her car all wet...

OMG WHY WOULD SHE BE MAD THIS IS A TERRIBLE what the 3 idiots who thumbed this comment down were thinking.

she would be mad because he was drenched when he got in the car... some people are anal about getting their seats wet I.e. my father who made me ride the bus from long beach to woodland hills because I forgot a third towel for the seat.

"Third" towel? Do you need two to dry off?

Beach towel for the sand. Clean towel for drying off.