By bcf1234 - United States
Today, I waited in line at Subway. There were two people in front of me. The first lady had seven sandwiches and the second lady had four. So after patiently waiting, I ordered my sandwich, only to have my credit card declined. FML
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  Phoenix1023  |  3

Hell yeah. And they get mad when you ask em to cut a 6 inch sub in half. How rude.

I tend to do that too as well OP. At least check your balance while you're in line though, duh.

By  MysteryGuitarMan  |  32

I have that to somthime's, thats why i prefer to pay with cash instead of with my bank
still , those womens could have let you pass next to them if you had asked them nicely
but still this guaranty nothing, i like this FML because it happens to me alot , because i travel alot in the