By leftoutdrunk / Saturday 5 May 2012 18:12 / Canada - Edmonton
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  JoshTheMaggot  |  8

I haven't heard someone say giggle in a long time, it made me giggle.

As for OP if they were your keys why did your brother have them? Especially since he was the one drinking.

By  stevenJB  |  22

So...a drunk outsmarted you n took your keys, eh?

  oicu812xD  |  16

I was wondering the same thing. If op was planning on being DD in the first place the sibling should have never had the keys. You kind of deserve this op...

  chick92282  |  15

If OP is a woman, it's possible that she had her brother hold her keys so that she didn't have to take her pocketbook into the bar and/or mess up the lines of her clothes by putting them in her pocket. One doesn't usually expect one's brother to pull such an asinine move.