By mystupidson - United States
  Today, I visited my son at work. He's an interpreter for the government. As I watched him converse with a group of men, I was overcome with pride. Then the woman next to me said "I can't believe they're talking about that in public." They were discussing masturbation techniques. FML
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  enonymous  |  8

I wonder what techniques they are going over. Stranger? Stranger on the rocks? The mummy? Jazz hands for the big finish? Prosthetic hand masturbation?

  Daralea  |  21

The topics on the agenda today are: establishing peace in Libya, political turmoil in South Africa, and how much chafing is too much chafing.

  Janawa  |  22

That was to 67 by the way.... I guess Ussen can't choose between beauty and smarts for each person... Either that, or I am a lonely nerd and this is the language my fellow peers, who will someday be leading America, are speaking.....