By mystupidson - 31/08/2011 03:30 - United States

Today, I visited my son at work. He's an interpreter for the government. As I watched him converse with a group of men, I was overcome with pride. Then the woman next to me said "I can't believe they're talking about that in public." They were discussing masturbation techniques. FML
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Battledog5006 0

so thats where my tax dollars are going

Sounds like the average bro talk


Sounds like the average bro talk

duh, politicians need to wack aswell! maybe more!

Send him to wankaholics anonymous.

#14 lekker draad trek. #1 my average bro talk doesn't constitute anything about me fondling myself, or interested in how other people do it.

Anything to keep the foreigners happy I suppose...

enonymous 8

I wonder what techniques they are going over. Stranger? Stranger on the rocks? The mummy? Jazz hands for the big finish? Prosthetic hand masturbation?

At least he is making friends

Hey julle braaiers moet ophou so vloek ne ;)

Jammer oom!

Okay, I've heard of "the stranger" but "the mummy" was new to me. Gotta love Urban Dictionary!(:

I think of I love you, man when I read this. Love that movie

The topics on the agenda today are: establishing peace in Libya, political turmoil in South Africa, and how much chafing is too much chafing.

Battledog5006 0

so thats where my tax dollars are going

btnhdude 0

You should cross out 'fat' from your shirt.

Glitterhinoceros 14

Lawl 54 ily :D

bfflrhea 0

That's a really mean shirt, girls dont like douches btw..

Learn to speak English, Spanish, or apache so others can understand you!

That was to 67 by the way.... I guess Ussen can't choose between beauty and smarts for each person... Either that, or I am a lonely nerd and this is the language my fellow peers, who will someday be leading America, are speaking.....

Maybe if you were old enough to pay taxes you'd be able to say that. So shut up and choke on your piece of rabbit fur you rub on your dick every night.

markrs 0

That's jacked off. I mean jacked up.

Or maybe it was really a secret government language... o.O

You pic + comment = EPIC!

wtf? I don't talk about that with my friends.

Then you're really lame. I do this all the time.

aruam365 24

I don't either, but I'm a girl... so maybe that's why? We talk about all sorts of raunchy stuff, but never that!

raunchy like...your face?LOL

JustOhSoLovely 6

I'm a girl and my friends and I talk about it all the time! Well not all the time but a lot lol

aruam365 24

Clearly you don't know what the word means... Seeing as that insult makes no sense, I'm just going to let it go.

Hey! It is important also...

your picture, is great!

I like it too Chelsea is awesome

Man Utd 8 -2 on sunday, me thinks Chelsea will also undergo that brutallity. GOOO MAN UTD !!!

azcardinals1307 2

Doing you proud, eh.

jellitonoctopus 19

Dirty birdie.

Did you own up to him being your son? lol :)

iAmScrubs 19

Techniques as in stand on your head and do it upside down with your big toes?

Sounds painful.