By Anonymous - United States - Baltimore
Today, I visited my girlfriend's apartment for the first time. I guess she forgot to do some spring cleaning before I showed up, because I saw my laptop on her couch. The same laptop that was stolen from my house along with several other valuables last week. FML
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  cocacola999  |  27

I'm wondering if she actually stole the things before they started going out, if the stuff was stolen last year and OP only visited her apartment now for the first time. Normally, people visit each other's places earlier than 1 year into the relationship. In that case, she could also be a stalker.

By  AhoyCaptian  |  16

Oh wow, that sucks, sorry OP.
She must not be a good girlfriend if she stole things from you. I bet it was very awkward, but I hope you got your things back, along with a new girlfriend.