By unsurprised - 28/02/2010 10:51 - United States

Today, I visited my friend in a nasty part of town. When I saw the shattered window of the car next to me, and the missing stereo, I moved my car to a safer location. Luckily, though, I have a common car, so the thieves were able to jimmy the lock and steal my stereo without making any noise. FML
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And apparently people of any age, sex or ethnicity can have the grammar of a mongoloid snail.


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have the friend come to you next time (If he can)

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fyl...but thats what u get for not being careful with ur things

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hmmm word of advice: don't do that again

Oh thank God! Wouldn't want them to be noisy and wake up the neighbourhood!! :P That sucks though

Actually, even though it sucks that they stole the stereo, it's good they were able to do it without damaging the car. When my car was broken into a few years ago, the thief did $1650 damage to my car in the process of stealing something worth $20 (a broken, 5 year old iPod). If they'd just knocked on my door and said, "hey. Can I have that broken iPod," I would have given it to them. Instead, they tried prying the window open or something, as there were dents around the window. I needed to have the window replaced, the dents fixed, and the front quarter of my car repainted.

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And apparently people of any age, sex or ethnicity can have the grammar of a mongoloid snail.

don't you mean "age, sex, or ethnicity..."

no. it can be: age, sex, or or: age, sex or

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a bunch of fat kids fighting over grammar on the internet - God Bless America

He can sense when someone's overweight! :O *X-Files theme tune*

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at least they didn't break your window ..?

^^ exactly. leave it to us to find the positive in this