By Cate - Australia
  Today, I've had no sleep. Why? Because my housemate has a new girlfriend and the walls are too thin. After round three of them shagging, I was exhausted from holding my breath each time the new girlfriend screamed. I also realised that was the closest I'd been to sex in months. FML
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  jamsackson  |  0

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  T1A2Z3  |  34

She can go find a gf if she wants or a bf or anyone to have sex with or maybe she'd rather wait. Why the fuck she was holding her breath though?

By  perdix  |  29

Go hold the camera, you lazy bitch, and give us the link to where you post the video!

If you are going to suffer in any case, why shouldn't we get some good fapping material while you're up?

You probably ought to masturbate while the new girl provides the sound effects for you. Tell your housemate how that goes for you. The girlfriend can't be at your house ALL the time. ;)