By mommy
Today, I’ve been violently ill with diarrhea, and have been for past three days. I finally discovered why. It's because I ate a piece of candy off the recently-cleaned floor last week. My immune system is so weak, it can’t respect the 5-second rule. FML
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By  jbuckets_404  |  38

Actually, Ivory bar soap leaves no residue behind whatsoever. It's what my eye doctor recommends for washing one's hands before handling contact lenses. It works well, but have never tried to eat a soap-washed piece of candy. Let us know how it tastes! ;-)

By  alycion  |  38

If you know you have a weakened immune system, wtf were you thinking? I hate having to be a germaphobe from it, but that’s the new normal with weakened immune systems or those that don’t function right.

By  Elizabeth Burley  |  21

That sucks OP, Im sorry. I know what its like. I have severe Crohns disease and as an autoimmune disease mine is bad. I'm between treatments right now so my immune system is shot dead. My boyfriend kissed me when he thought he only had allergies and I became sick with the flu for a month 😐 Just go by the zero second rule and you'll be fine!

  Rsonicgamer  |  12

Actually, unless you lick feces directly, you could lick the floor and the likeliness of you catching some harmful germ would still be pretty low. I wouldn't go around eating on the floor, but that religious belief that the floor is a contaminated zone baffles me.

To put it in your own terms, you do know that germs don't respect the microscopic stop signs before climbing on tables ? Or your legs ? That the most contaminated place in your home is somewhere between the bed and the kitchen sink (the worst being whatever you use to dry your hands... After supposedly washing them)

By  Yudith  |  20

Recently cleaned floor! There's the mistake! You didn't have time to wipe off the cleaning product residue with your feet! Maybe you need safer cleaning products and to eat more bacteria. Try Bio-K and yogurt.

By  Shah Rozz  |  5

Well I'd say concern a doctor's advice. A waek immune system means a lot of health issues. But tbh dihearrea isn't worth saying FML. People are going through worse