By just outdone - United States - Turtle Lake
Today, I've been staying with my parents while I have time off from school. They got drunk and started an entire family fight because my dad made pizza and my mom is lactose intolerant. She insists my dad did it on purpose because "he's an asshole and knows I can't eat cheese." FML
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  mds9986  |  24

As somebody who grew up with two drunks who did this shit all the time, don't go in and try to settle it. Chances are you'll make it worse and they won't listen to reason. Just leave and let them wear eachother out until they fall to sleep.

  blazingshot147  |  19

Maybe next time OP could join in on the fun for some family fun and bonding. Im pretty sure science says alcohol can help people bond a little bit if its in moderation.