By "Auburn_flame"
Today, I've been horribly sick with a stomach virus. Six hours ago, I asked my husband to go to the store and get me a few things that would help ease my misery. He's still in bed and I'm cleaning the house in between bouts of vomiting. FML
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By  James Acosta  |  8

If you can clean the house, why can't you go to the store?

By  RichardPencil  |  30

At least he’s not knocking over bookshelves and tearing ceiling fans out of walls anymore. (Wouldn’t those be wall fans? But, I digress.)

Looks like progress to me!

By  timinator5000  |  28

not sure why you are cleaning when sick. if I saw someone doing regular stuff but claiming to be sick I would think they aren't as sick as they say. my gf has said she's got a sore throat and yet she Still talks on the phone most of the day. if my throat hurt I'd do my best to say Nothing all day till it got better.

By  maikeru1979  |  23

as a Man myself..i say kick him in the nutz, he will be in so much pain that he will then go to the store for something for that, and while he is there he can pick up what you asked him to go get earlier.

By  zuckerburg  |  21

YDI for being a typical woman and doing stuff while you're supposed to be resting, and then bitching about it. Choose. You have a choice. Or is this 19fucking45 where this behavior is still expected? The only difference between then and now being, you have some forum to bitch and moan about it to try and illicit sympathy? Fucking grow up, you make us women look pathetic for not having a backbone