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That stinks.

what has this world come to when you're judged for taking a dump x . x


hahaha ydi for taking a shit in public

how was that nice going you just wanted to be first

Juggalos can all burn.

21-Ever heard of sarcasm? no? oh okay.

Mamamiaaa, your comments crack me up!

owned. but that's why you dont turn so fast

....Turn so fast? I don't get it.

yeah I just realized I misread this FML.


That stinks.

How can you tell... you have no nose... (haha sorry but I had to do that stupid "joke")

Haha^^. But seriously, don't make fun of Voldemort's nose; it's purely just an example of rhinoplasty gone wrong... Anyways, OP is nasty! Why would you go to a public bathroom and take a really bad crap? Do you not realize all the bacteria when you flush in a public bathroom goes up into the air? That's gross. Do it at home where you can have your toilet seat down while you flush.

what has this world come to when you're judged for taking a dump x . x

id be like ' yeah, i did that.' take pride in your work.

That's when you laugh at the cleaning lady's misery. After all, you dropped a bomb for this very purpose >:)

How about a courtesy flush? It's bound to stink up the place if you just let it mellow while you wipe for eternity.

Waste water much?

I make it a point to give courtesy flushes when I'm forced to use a public bathroom. I don't want to smell my shit, so I won't force an innocent bystander to smell it either. It's just doing the right thing. Besides, it's not like you are running the sink for hours, it doesn't waste much water.

FHL! She has to smell that while she cleans!

Lol OP, least you haven't done what some sick women do in public restrooms. Oh the horrors that have been left behind~

If you didn't know shit stinks before now, FYL and YDI.

The more you go, the more you know.