By lavenderpiss - 16/12/2013 02:04 - Australia - North Adelaide

Today, I used my vaporiser to make my house smell like lavender while I went to work. My brother thought it would be funny to pee inside it. My whole house now smells like pissy lavender. FML
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DaMann360 19

"Thats just nasty" *Cleveland voice

Could be worse, it could be poopy lavender


Does it matter if it was a revange or not!? Thats nasty.. But sorry op i think you're brother is funny!

It would matter we dont know if its ydi or fyl

your* and it is spelled revenge. not to be an ass or anything, but wow.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Doesn't really need to be revenge when it comes to siblings.

DaMann360 19

"Thats just nasty" *Cleveland voice

hugozac88 22

I dunno, 28. How would you feel if I peed in your vaporizer? I bet you love the smell of urine? But I don't think OP would've posted it as an FML if they weren't... But I see what you tried to do there.

I'd love to tell you a quick fix for this but unfortunately I don't think there are many.

You could start with opening the windows.

Wizardo 33

Burn bread and just make it waft around the house, it annihilates any bad smell - you're welcome.

Could be worse, it could be poopy lavender

incoherentrmblr 21
klovemachine 24

35-Vomit-puke lavender is worse. (Personally I'd say rotten meat could be worse, but doesn't roll off the tongue quite so easily.)

How could he think that was funny? I'm wondering how old your brother is.

What isn't hilarious about a house smelling like human urine!

Everything. Everything isn't hilarious about the odor of human filth.

Yes, 15! Lets all laugh while gagging over the stench! :)

21 and drunk is why he thought it was funny

Maybe your brother is related to my cat. He likes to piss in things too.

It's ok, thumb down all you want.. I don't like it either.

skyeyez9 24

I heard cat pee smell is very difficult to get rid of too. It has Microscopic crystals in it that are very hard to remove from fabric.

LanaRenee13 6

my satanic cat does this too. I tell her she's lucky she's adorable.

Does your satanic cat play death metal and does its head spin around in circles?

I have a hard time imagine that smell..

RadicalViews 6

Why would you want to imagine that smell?

MyUsernameKatie 31

That's messed up. What's with all the people thinking peeing in stuff is funny? Is that something now??

ThatFancyPenn 18

I'd honestly rather have people peeing in things rather than thinking about how much "swag" they have.

Vaporizer? Just use the weed to cover up the smell of the febreeze.... c'mon now

There are vaporizers for liquid potpourri that use candles or lightbulbs to produce the heat needed. Not the vaporizer for weed.

45: Lol @ calling a pot smoker a junkie