By HtotheFtotheS - United Kingdom - Wisbech
Today, I used an air freshener in my room to make it smell good. At first, the smell was pretty pleasant. However, by the time it'd "soaked in" it smelled just like weed. My whole room stinks of it, and now my mum is convinced I've been smoking pot in my room. FML
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Hey people, you realise that you can know what weed smells like without having ever smoked it don't you?

All you need to do is happen to be around someone smoking a joint, it's a unique smell and you never really forget it.

  Rozeyyy  |  25

I think most people know what weed smells like... Its become extremely common now...
For example me...i know nothing about weed but when someone i walk past has smoked it i can smell it....Its a very unpleasant smell
Although I didn't know what that smell was at first, my friend told me