By dear god help me. / Wednesday 4 September 2013 22:46 / United States
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Better install cameras in every stall so you can catch what's really going on. Paranormal gastritis. Or haunting in Connecticut 3, ghosts of the lavatories.


Huh. I wonder how they all fit into the stall. It must be like those clowns in the really tiny car.


No we travel in pacts because something bad could happen like when Hermione went to the bathroom by herself and got petrified

I would have sat in the stall, rocked back and forth and cried for about however long it took for another person to walk into the bathroom to find me and escort me out haha but in reality even if some idiot was just playing a joke like that for what ever reason if you were to piss your pants from fear (I would have) the bathroom is the best place to be.

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