By MaeMoss - 18/07/2012 14:21 - United States

Today, I used a man's shirt as a pillowcase and sprayed it with cologne so I wouldn't feel alone in the night. FML
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It was your marshpillow!

harkerk87 2

That sucks op how long have you been single


If you are desperate enough to do that, are you desperate enough to go to the bar and pick someone at random?

I'd perk a brow if a female friend of mine told me she had done that, tbh. Probably think it was a joke at first

harkerk87 2

That sucks op how long have you been single

this is sad op..

waddlezizmyname 3

Well, I've sprayed cologne on a body pillow and slept/cuddled with that, because my boyfriend would be on vacation or something. Just comforting. Lol

Forever alone... That sucks OP :(

Probably her whole life. She needs to stop having high standards and go find herself a man already.

well OP maybe if you played your cards right.. ;D . your not the only one lol

kdog333 1

75- how would u know that? and why do u think she has high standards? u dont know anything about her, so stop acting like it.

Still a better love story than Twilight.

xoconnie 8

OP you need to get out more my friend :/

75- There's nothing wrong with high standards. I'd rather be single forever than lower my standards.

Sure when OP sprays men's cologne on a shirt to stop feeling alone, it's upsetting and sad, but when I keep a woman for the same reason in my attic it's all "kidnap this" and "psychopath that".... Hehe

madgrinchhatter 12

Lowering standards and being realistic are 2 different things

Men stay away. Clinger

choochee77 0

Why do you have cologne?

It was your marshpillow!

DontModMeDammit 10

She needs a thunder buddy.

CountDuk 5

Classic HIMYM... Never gets old =D

I just love seeing How I Met Your Mother references on here. :P

Me too! I love How I Met Your Mother!

likeAwesome 3

Wow. Try e-Harmony?

Yeah, that's it, cause e-harmony is the answer to every single person's problem.

perdix 29

#59, don't be silly -- eHarmony also helps married people get nailed ;) You get better quality merchandise then you can get from Ashley Madison -- except things get dangerous after you've accomplished your mission.

It helps a lot of people.

likeAwesome 3

I wasn't suggesting that... but if your gonna take my suggestion to offense, then go for it. It helps alot of people. You should really try it. I know someone who met their boyfriend over it

Did it work? A great smelling cologne could bring on some sweet dreams.(:

Some sweet dreams alright ;)

But alas, they bring just dreams. OP use that pillow as motivation to move from dreams to reality

perdix 29

That only works if she had some sweet experience with an actual man who wore that cologne. From the pathetic nature of the story, it sounds like the OP is just wasting expensive cologne and should just stick a cheap pine-tree car freshener in her tear-stained pillow.

b0ngs 7

especially Abercrombie and hollister cologne. I swear it makes all the girls I know horny just by smelling it. It's just so masculine:3

So was the pillow used as a pillow or something to cuddle with?

RedPillSucks 31

She was humping it as well.

I think to effectively hump it she would have to put some pants on it. Not a shirt.

Specifically NOT put pants on it

You should get a body pillow

Body pillows are amazing. Until I got mine, I'd never had such a great night's sleep.

I have one, too. it really helps me sleep. it makes me feel more safe and cozy^.^

mya1234 4

that sucks.. try

That was quality work. I don't even know where you came up with that idea. Coughcough4coughcough

That is kind of cute and sad.. At least you did not feel completely alone, so that's a good thing ~ I hope you find a man someday soon though

What OP needs is a teddy bear. He could be guardian of OP's nightmares and the protector of her loneliness.

Deannie88 6

She should buy TED and then wish for it to come alive.

Indeed skomaki, and what a lot of people would give to have a living teddybear :P

I thought it was kinda cute in a sad way, too. Very creative. But I agree, teddy bears make amazing guardians! :)

lelo007 11

I love my teddy bear. My papa bought it for me the day I was born, and I have kept it ever since, no matter where I've lived. They really are sweet things, especially when they have so much meaning!

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Fuck Teddy bears! I have my panda bear :3

Instead of a stuffed animal, why not get a pet? A cute furry little one to give & receive attention, as well as cuddle up to at night... At the very least it'll give OP a sense of affection & companionship until she finds love...

^^^i hope she does too

19- if it guards her loneliness, doesn't tht mean that OP will keep being lonely BECAUSE of the teddy bear?

KBear3109 29

That's what I did when my husband and I were first dating. I lived on the New York side of the NY/VT border and he lived on the other so I could only see for a couple of days every 2 weeks.