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  efemel94  |  7

Sure when OP sprays men's cologne on a shirt to stop feeling alone, it's upsetting and sad, but when I keep a woman for the same reason in my attic it's all "kidnap this" and "psychopath that"....


  perdix  |  29

#59, don't be silly -- eHarmony also helps married people get nailed ;)

You get better quality merchandise then you can get from Ashley Madison -- except things get dangerous after you've accomplished your mission.

  likeAwesome  |  3

I wasn't suggesting that... but if your gonna take my suggestion to offense, then go for it.

It helps alot of people. You should really try it. I know someone who met their boyfriend over it

  perdix  |  29

That only works if she had some sweet experience with an actual man who wore that cologne. From the pathetic nature of the story, it sounds like the OP is just wasting expensive cologne and should just stick a cheap pine-tree car freshener in her tear-stained pillow.

  b0ngs  |  7

especially Abercrombie and hollister cologne. I swear it makes all the girls I know horny just by smelling it. It's just so masculine:3

  lelo007  |  11

I love my teddy bear. My papa bought it for me the day I was born, and I have kept it ever since, no matter where I've lived. They really are sweet things, especially when they have so much meaning!


Instead of a stuffed animal, why not get a pet? A cute furry little one to give & receive attention, as well as cuddle up to at night... At the very least it'll give OP a sense of affection & companionship until she finds love...

By  KBear3109  |  29

That's what I did when my husband and I were first dating. I lived on the New York side of the NY/VT border and he lived on the other so I could only see for a couple of days every 2 weeks.