By _Emilyy - United States
Today, I updated my facebook status to, "Party at my house this Friday. Like my status if you want to come." After about 3 hours I checked back to discover that the only person who'd liked my status was my grandma. FML
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  22cute  |  17

lol you're doing it wrong! your friends clearly hav hundreds of FB friends all posting on their walls while your grandma probably has 10 or so. The chances of you buddies seeing the invite is low.

  FMMFL1992  |  3

Lol I never ask for likes because of the fear that no one will like it and you end up looking stupid. Shoulda asked people to inbox you because no one would know that only your grandma did.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

at the risk of pointing out the obvious:
if you dont post status updates often it will not show up on your friends walls unless theyve enabled it to show comments from all people- which you have to actively do.
if your friends dont read their walls very often/only read for a little while and not all posts its very possible to be missed
if your friends only read their "top news" it will likely not show up because it has no responses.

events exist for a reason, dont be a lazy tool, if you want people to come to your party, you INVITE THEM. you dont just expect them to do all the damn work.