By Anonymous - United States
Today, I updated an e-mail I've saved to drafts and have been updating every day for the last few months to a girl I really adore. In this letter, I told her everything I ever kept from her. Instead of saving it to drafts again, I accidentally sent it. And she's online. FML
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  kawaii_chan  |  1

I can see why someone would see this as an FML, but on the other hand, at least she knows what your true feelings are and it's better to have that happen than never for her to know.

  Nobody129  |  0

ydi. the easiest way to avoid accidentally sending someone something is not to put their address in the address bar. if the op never planned to press "send" then its her own fault.

  Reyo  |  2

Not really an FML. There are two endings to this. She rejects you, in which case you might as well stop wasting your life "adoring her" or she accepts you...and is that really a bad thing?

  humorizer  |  14

@127, that feature does work, but you have to manually activate it. All it does is ignore you when you click send, and instead it waits a few extra seconds/minutes before it actually does send it.

A nifty feature nonetheless.

  g00dzy  |  0

OMG, That's an April Fools Day joke... You cannot retrieve something once it's been sent!

And to the OP, You're just stupid, that's not a bad thing, If you were going to tell them how you feel, then you have done it, and if you weren't going to tell them, then your a wuss about it!

  Atara223  |  0

I highly doubt she would have sent it, at least, not for a while. Many people do this as a way of getting their feelings out. And stupidity is not the same as absent-mindedness, just so you know.

  Vaetrus  |  0

@60: I do not believe 53 is a girl. *shrugs* Whoddya figured?

OP YDI. Not because you filled out the "To" address, but because you vented and kept it. And then misclicked. And obsessed for that long without telling her. Go confront her already.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Ok, what I meant was "If I were a girl WHO grew testicles", not "If I were a girl AND grew testicles."
My bad. But you get the point.

Dipshit above me, yes, I'm a girl. So shut the fuck up, please.


why is obsessing over whether Intoxicunt is a girl or not? the comment was funny. i laughed, intoxicunt.

btw, OP, it sounds like you really her. maybe it happened for the best.

By  mattfante  |  0

depends on what it said... like was it creepy stuff, like "i watch you when you pee" or just a confession of love or whatever? but... yeah. honestly the whole email thing is a little weird. and definitely YDI. maybe if you're going to do something like that, be more careful?

also, if you're a lesbian, does she know? and is she as well?

hope it works out well for you!

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

I dunno, if it was so long and thought out, that's kiiinda creepy. At least, it definitely puts the reciever in awkward zone.

Dunno why you did that, OP, the drafts thing. Was it like "well it feels better to write it down" thing?
That's what NotePad is for, you know.

  lets_be_ian  |  5

I have been reading FMLs for a while but never really felt the need to sign up... there are plenty of people as witty as me (more so I am sure) on here as is. However I just had to add that I literally busted out horse laughing at the comment about "watching you pee". I have rarely laughed that hard on FML.

The funny part is i was just wondering how damning the confessions in the letter would have to be for this to be a real FML.

  rjrudman  |  0

Yes, it is dumb. No, it's not a way to write down her thoughts. If this were so, she wouldn't add her to the send list. You can't accidentally add the right recipient to the send list.
This FML is so fucking fake it's retarded. And if it's not fake, it's not an FML, it's a You're-Fucking-Stupid.

  chicagochick  |  0

#41, I don't think this is fake at all. In fact, I have done something very similar. Sure, it was stupid to put the recipient in the "to" part, but I could definitely understand how it could happen. Just because YOU wouldn't do it doesn't mean someone else wouldn't.

And for the OP...that really sucks and I'm sorry. Hopefully she'll understand. If she is worth it, she will. Good luck.

  talicaroxi  |  25

Let's off steam a little. you can say things you don't have the confidence to actually say to the person. its almost therapeutic to do. You should try it sometime