By nomegusta - 05/01/2013 15:59 - United States

Today, I unknowingly used my shampoo thinking it was leave-in-conditioner. While walking to work, it started to rain. I started to produce suds. FML
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How do you fuck that up?

djinnsnme 19

You know, they do put words on bottles for a reason.


Authoress14 15

YDI for not reading the instructions

She used the wrong bottle..

If you're so dumb you need instructions to shampoo your hair every time, I feel sorry for you. Shampoo and conditioners look different, and the "SHAMPOO" on the front of the bottle should be enough of a clue, but when you're in a hurry and not thinking, these things happen..

alphaskater09 9

9-my shampoo and conditioner bottle look the same and the word shampoo is in small letters. Don't assume everyones shampoo bottle looks like yours.

I meant the liquids tend to look different, and the word shampoo is still written on it, however small. Anyway I wasn't judging her, I said it could pretty much happen to anyone. :P

alphaskater09 9

66-yeah I guess you are right.

It has nothing to do with OP's story. It gets thumbed down because #1 is being a total bitch all the time. I saw a few replies of her and i totally understand people hating on her

CharresBarkrey 15

73 - It's because we want #1 gone, like 77 said.

Bump off trick

You need reading lessons of your own. Re-read the FML.

How do you fuck that up?

It's possible she picked up the wrong bottle in the shower?

Most leave in conditioners aren't put in while still in the shower, soo that's doubtful.

Exactly. I usually keep my shampoo and face wash right next to each other. Just the other day I accidentally picked up the shampoo instead of the face wash. My eyes definitely told me I made a horrible mistake.

If your in a hurry it wouldn't be to dificult. Depends how similar your shampoo and conditioner bottles look.

Agreed, the products themselves feel so different. I can't imagine pouring shampoo into my hand and my realizing until later that it wasn't conditioner. You would know the instant you poured it.

31 I used to have some that felt exactly the same...

This is exactly what I was thinking, I haven't used shampoo or conditioner in a very long time, but when I did, I could still tell the difference, just by consistency.

Wash yo hair!

CharresBarkrey 15

Don't most leave-in conditioners come in a small tube like thing, too? Not a bottle?

5o & 53, I wash my hair every day, shampoo is just terribly bad for it and not to mention chock full of chemicals. Clearly I wash it lol, are you blind?

I'm curious....if you don't use shampoo, what do you use?

Baking soda and water to wash, and lemon juice and water to rinse. It isn't as harsh on your hair as shampoo and conditioner are, so it keeps your hair softer, shinier, and just overall more manageable. I also find that it helps my hair color stay in longer. And it's a hell of a lot cheaper than regular hair care stuff too, haha.

I mean, it's called the "no poo method," google it if you want. It's a thing. A lot of sites recommend apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice, but I just like the lemon because it works, and smells, a lot better.

No no no, lol. I do wash it, just a little differently than most people.

It's not conditioner, it's LEAVE IN conditioner. You don't put it in your hair while showering. So, again, that's a pretty hard one to fuck up.

djinnsnme 19

You know, they do put words on bottles for a reason.

I've had bottles that came in a kit and don't have clear labels. In this situation I think OP may have scratched the labels off (If they are that kind) beforehand or was simply not playing close attention.

laya_fml 26

Wait, I thought the words were just there for decoration. I was supposed to actually read them. This explains a lot.

I can imagine how horrified other people must have been.

What a sudden surprise that must have been.

You don't say?

49, Because of your profile picture I imagined Harry Potter yelling that. It made me giggle.

bakedbabe 8

haha, at least ur clean!

Well now she has suds in her hair so not really

She just needs to stand I'm the rain longer.

bakedbabe 8

haha, at least ur clean!

laughtersplay 14

Finish the lathering while you're at it.

How did you handle the situation is what I'm wondering.

*Insert spongebob reference* I can't possibly have the suds, I have to go to work

I completely ignored your comment. Good reference sir.