By Anonymous - 12/06/2015 19:43 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I underwent surgery and feeling rather groggy upon being awoken, I very loudly declared, "I've always had a thing for doctors. Kiss me?" then promptly giggled, tried to launch myself in a random doctor's arms and fell flat on my face. FML
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Omfgitsmia 15

Well to be fair, you were pretty doped up. I'm sure they've seen worst.

I told my nurse she was the "nicest goddamned nurse in all of history."


Omfgitsmia 15

Well to be fair, you were pretty doped up. I'm sure they've seen worst.

And yet OP, you thought to yourself "Ah this is the man I shall breed with."

Plus it's hilarious. I really did laugh out loud. They probably laughed too.

I honestly want to know if the op is a boy or girl. It could make it all the funnier.

My friend and I were joking around in the weeks leading up to my surgery about what I might say when I woke up. I turned that joke into a reality when I muttered the words: "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" Yes, they all laughed at me and I think trying to explain myself while still high on all the medication didn't make it any better

I told my nurse she was the "nicest goddamned nurse in all of history."

That probably made her day at least

I jumped off my dentist's chair and hit some furniture because I wanted to fly to Mars.

She yelled at me to stop swearing

ruthi666 23

I was given graham crackers when I woke up from surgery and apparently rambled about how I wanted to make s'mores for twenty minutes.

I was told to wake up, so I sat up yelled "but I don't want to go to the zoo!" and promptly fell asleep again.

When I was 11 I told my nurse I was a vampire and started hissing at her.

My aunt was given some juice when she woke up from dental surgery. She then started yelling about how great the juice was and wouldn't shut up about it. It was so good she started to cry.

I tend to have a really hard time waking up from the anesthesia. It takes me way longer to wake up then most. I also tend to cry when I wake up (which they say is pretty normal). It's this horrible mix of being absolutely exhausted and emotional. It's weird.

Stop swearing for goddamned? Was this in 1950? She should've just taken the compliment!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Just had a recent knee surgery. Beforehand, the anesthesiologist came in to do a nerve block. He fiddled with the IV bag, then asked, "Are you feeling loopy yet?" I wasn't, so I said, "Oh, nope, I feel fine." Then he said it'd hit me in about 10 seconds. It was funny when it did, because the ceiling tiles started to shimmer and I started laughing saying, "Oh, I feel good now." Nothing was very funny when I woke up, though. I tend to have a bad reaction to anesthesia, so I was pretty miserable for a while in the recovery room. :(

#70 I said other things too.

How did the doctor react?

They're married now.

It happens, and you can just look back and laugh. You were drugged and had no control over it.

Did the doctor at least attempt to catch you before you fell?

You can't catch anyone, when you're filming them.

I wouldn't... "Oh thank you from saving me again, doctor! " *grope *

I totally picture him backing up as she's trying to fall into his arms with this disgusted look on his face as he watches her fall on her face lol.

Guess you could say you fell for them ?

Justy101 23

I cried because the bird that was sitting at the entrance of the day hospital was making fun of me. The bitchy little shit.

When I was being drugged up to get my wisdom teeth removed, I told the doctor that I was secretly a cat and proceeded to meow until I fell asleep. People do strange things while being doped up.

maggiefox 25

Sounds like the beginning to a cheap, horribly written porn.

That basically describes every porno

I'm sure you're just glad to be alive