By Brittany - United States
Today, I typed an essay on my friend's computer, so she forwarded it to me in a email and she made the subject "here bitch" as a joke. I then went to email the essay to my teacher. I forwarded it thinking nothing of it only to realize that I didn't change the subject name. FML
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By  Crabby  |  0

Let that be your first lesson, moron. Don't just forward shit without looking it over. Good thing this happened in school rather than the real world where you could get fired.

By  Crabby  |  0

And by the way, it's "friend's" not "friends." And not "went to email," but "sent the email." You've got to be more careful in written communication -- unless, of course, you'd like to spend your life working in fast food. Then it won't matter.

By  engineerd  |  0

Crabby- it says "went to email the essay to my teacher." Your advice sucks. It would read "sent the email the essay to my teacher."

Maybe you should learn to read. It'll help if you can actually decipher the menu when you're working for McDonald's.

By  Crabby  |  0

Okay, that second one was my mistake. I'll admit that. But this guy (or woman) is still an asshole for forwarding that email to his professor (assuming this story is even true) with that subject line. It's a good lesson for someone who's still in college to learn. By the way, dick, I'm a lawyer; I don't work at fucking McDonald's.