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Today, I turned off my boyfriends Xbox while he was playing because I wanted to talk to him about getting more serious with our relationship. As I did so, he said, "that's not the only thing you just turned off" and promptly broke up with me. FML
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Honestly that would piss me off, but gaming is my hobby. You could have been mature and just asked him to pause his game.

Don't get in the way of a man and his xbox smh


Don't get in the way of a man and his xbox smh

Agreed. You never turn off a man's xbox while he's playing. You could have asked him to simply pause it. This is 100 percent on you.

I assumed she didnt shut it off because he didnt pause it and ignored her

#21 What if she asked him to pause it multiple times but didn't listen?

TinScarecrow 15

then wait. not all games can be paused

You don't turn off somebodys electronics to get their attention. You wait. He put hours of time into. Yeah, videogames are dumb; but imagine turning off someone's computer as they were doing work or school work, or turning off someone's cell phone as they were talking on it, what the OP did was rude. Maybe she was right, and they needed to talk, and her Ex wasn't invested in the relationship, she was still wrong to touch his X-Box.

cheshireau 26

Or woman because I would have done the exact same as the Boyfriend. What a bitch move.

Then I feel she would have put that in the fml. Not saying it didn't happen but that would be a key detail for this

Totally agree ! OP, who do you think you are to do such a thing ? Is he 5 years old and are you his Mom to do such a thing ? In my whole gaming life, my Mom NEVER put the computer down or put the power down to forced me to do something :-/ I can't imagine that a GROWNUP woman can do such a thing to a GROWNUP man ! Bad Bad Bad OP ! (ans YES, I'm a girl)(Princess with a sword)

If he's that butt hurt about it, then you're probably better off with out him.

"he's better off without her" FTFY

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Honestly, I'm a girl and I would have pissed too had someone turn off my Xbox like that. It's just a game but imagine you spending time curling or straitening your hair and I pour water on it. You have to start all over. She could have simply asked him to pause or save his game.

Aerial_Ace 6

It really depends on what he was in the middle of, probably didn't deserve to be dumped but still a bitch move

Yeah, it probably shouldn't have come as much of a surprise that he wasn't too serious about you guys if he was playing Xbox instead of talking about your relationship... sorry OP :/ but on the bright side, guess who's saving money this Christmas! ;)

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Well, she turned off his Xbox to present the topic of talking about the relationship, he wasnt being rude beforehand.

I read it as her proposing that they talk, and him just basically ignoring her and playing his Xbox. But if she need indeed just immediately turn it off without saying anything to him and just being like , "we need to talk", then that wouldn't be okay

There was nothing saying she tried to talk to him about it and him ignoring her. That's you adding what you want it to read as in your head.

No, I am not just adding it in my head. Coming from a gamer and someone who lived with a gamer I know that when we get in the zone, we ignore people even if they are dying. It can be incredibly frustrating to try and talk with someone who is gaming. Most of the time they sit hunched over, slack jawed, blank stare with the occasional cussing and throwing of the controller/punching the wall. So when they won't respond you would naturally get upset thinking they are ignoring you. So you turn the console off. This of course is one of the worst things that can happen to a gamer, especially if you haven't saved in hours. I know both sides of the pain. The pain of being ignored by a gamer and the pain of having a game turned off. I think op was horribly wrong for doing that, but at the same time I don't think it was break up worthy and the bf was overreacting. A game is not the same as a human. You can replay a video game, you cannot replay a relationship. It saddens me that people actually value materialistic items over their loved ones. If a gamer had to choose to save their video game collection or a loved one from a fire, what would they do? I know some people would choose their video game collection and that is fucked up.

I'm a gamer and honestly if Someone is trying to talk to me seriously when I'm in the zone it only takes them two times to get through to me then I pause and actually talk to the person if you get so engrossed into your game that you're practically a zombie to the rest of of the world then you have serious gaming addiction issues and need to check that quick and don't say I'm not a serious gamer because I actually use video games to cope with my dissociative disorder so...

I'd only say it was breakup worthy if she didn't ask and just turned it off. I cannot see how it was break up worthy if he ignored her until it got to the point of her turning it off. I was playing Pokemon Ruby at my grandparents house and they asked me to come watch the christian ministries (I'm not religious). So I was trying to save my game before going out there. They came in the room and yanked it right out of my hands midsave and threw it against the wall. Thankfully, my game system and game were ok but it caused me much stress and hatred towards them.

I actually agree he probably wasn't too serious about the relationship, but for different reasons. OP shouldn't have shut off his game, but I also think if her BF loved her, it wouldn't be something to break-up over on the spot. Rather, a talk about boundaries would be the first-step: many people don't realize how seriously people take games, and would act differently if they knew. And if they did eventually break-up, it'd be more about her continuing to disrespect his boundaries and being dismissive of the things he values, rather than that she got angry and shut off his game that one time. Plus the whole talk was about taking the relationship more seriously. If he didn't really have any deep feelings for her, then I can understand why something like this would be a deal-breaker. Doesn't make him a bad person, but more that they weren't on the same page .

And what if he just wanted a couple of minutes to get to a save point before he turned it off and focused his undivided attentions on her?

Gaming Girl here too ... when I'm in the zone or when my boyfriend is in the zone it's possible to catch eachother attention by waving ;) (or coming with a spoon full of something delicious) With a XBox (or PS / Wii / ...), it was possible to stand in front of the TV to distract the player ;)

after spending hours on end, exploring or grinding out for rare items, with the rare occurrence of luck to help get even rarer items, for her to not try to just turn the tv off and go straight to the xbox is unforgivable. atleast then he wont lose ALL of his progress but no. OP wanted to take their relationship to the next step? i cannot see that ever happening if OP couldn't even realize how important xbox is to the now-ex. even more so because if he was so pissed that he broke up with her right then and there, it's highly probable that he was in a party during a very important misson(or something of the sort) and not only ruined his save file but also the trust of reliable teammates. infact, i think he acted rationally as a gamer in his situation; personally, i would have gone insane and probably smashed most everything within reach depending on what part of the game i was in. OP should feel terrible and needs to think about ALL of her options before acting so rash as to destroy a gamers life

Honestly that would piss me off, but gaming is my hobby. You could have been mature and just asked him to pause his game.

If she shut it off out of nowhere, I'd agree- that seems pretty rude. But it's also just as likely that she already asked several times and he ignored her, leaving her no choice but to hit the power button.

Yes, clearly no choice what-so-ever but to power it off. Her hand was forced, she couldn't walk away!

She could have hit his pause button for him instead...

have you ever tried to hit the pause button on someone? doesn't usually work well. plus sometimes (such as online) games can't be paused.

Usually they yank the controller away or hit you while screaming obscenities. I had someone choke me just because I was doing better than them and they rage quit.

I've played online games before depending on the game usually hitting escape brings up the save menu he could save then talk

She could have hit his "pause" button, if you know what I mean. Though it'd then be an FML about how he chose video games over sex.

#79, Xbox doesn't have an escape button and fully online games (like Destiny for example) do not have a pause option or a save menu.

Other players can often kill you. You're paused. They're not.

#141 In Destiny you're only dead for 10 secs then you respawn in PvP, in PvE you're dead until you hit x to respawn. This post still needs a follow up though.

Nix188 13

but but, he was playing multiplayer

Agreed. But also keep in mind that some games cannot be paused during a certain task (eg raiding or an activity with a group of online players) so that might also have contributed to this reaction.

Just make sure it isn't a multiplayer game.

Sorry Sassy but that's not entirely reasonable. I know how gamers operate, and they don't just pause the game. A lot of people I know use gaming as a way to avoid real life, and are very unlikely to focus on anything over than the ridiculous amount of time they spend glued to a TV screen.

Are you OPs best friend or something? Lmao. Not all of us have no life, and yes we can pause a game. If OPs boyfriend was into video games the way he was, OP should have known or predicted he would have acted the way he did - two wrongs don't make a right.

Taco The Dank 27

I would be pretty mad too if someone just turned off my game while I was playing it. You didn't deserve what resulted though, because that was a pretty petty breakup reason.

If that's the case it is a petty reason, there's probably more to it than that though. Likely a whole little story that we'll never know.

Turning of the machine could easily be the last straw in a whole series of complaints (justified or not) about the amount of time he spends on the machine.

Well, he is a dick! So, better sooner than later right? All the best op, you will be alright :)

Ah, white knighting at its finest.

tounces7 27

How is he a dick? If someone wants to start a conversation with me, they better ASK, not just interrupt what I'm doing forcefully. I can see why he broke up with her, she doesn't respect him, and clearly thinks she's more important than he is. It doesn't matter WHAT he was doing, the point is, you do not just cut someone off like that.

Precisely this, I was scrolling through comments hoping someone would make this point, thank you #32. It isn't important what activity he was doing at the time. The fact that it was a video game is irrelevant (I hate how many people don't respect gaming as much as they would other hobbies ). The most important point here is she disrespected him and communicated nonverbal that she valued her own leisure time over his. Even if she wanted to discuss something important to her, that was the MOST INCONSIDERATE way of doing it. I would have broken up with her too.

It wasn't "leisure time" that was "important to her", it was to discuss about THEM. But clearly, she got her answer.

It doesn't matter what it was, #152, she clearly demonstrated that she felt what she needed to say was more important than whatever he was doing and had been doing for the past (minutes? hours?) and she didn't give a shit about him possibly having to start afresh. Like someone above said, imagine if a girl was curling/straightening her hair and a guy went to pour water on her head so she could 'stop and talk to him about their relationship'. It is beyond rude and disrespectful.

the now-ex was enjoying HIS leisure time and she didnt give 2 f*cks. there are so many more options than just turning of the console. she could have threatened to and that would have been MORE than enough to grab a gamers attention

Controlling much?

haha, controlling... cause video games... no?.... OK...

This really depends on the lead-up to turning the xbox off. If it was just out of nowhere that you decided you wanted to talk and switched it off without warning - YDI. That's super rude/dismissive of someone else. If, however, you had asked repeatedly that he pause and you wanted to talk... FYL that he couldn't be bothered making time for that.

Okay coming from a female gamer. honestly respect that he games. if you want to talk. say you want to talk when he is done. and give him a time frame of how long. and if he doesn't respect that. then dump him. don't just turn off his system. makes you disrespectful. if someone did that to me. damn right I'd leave them.

I would fucking do that