By assgoblins piss me off - 06/05/2014 20:52 - Canada - Camrose

Today, I turned in my best painting yet for a scholarship competition. For once in my life, I was actually proud of a piece I'd done. I ended up losing the scholarship to some dickface who'd basically just glued together some crap from the dollar store and called it conceptual art. FML
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eaglerob 20

Maybe next time finger paint a few stick figures and glue on some macaroni? ;)


That really does suck. It's a lot of people at my school who can get jobs like its nothing, but I can barely get an application accepted, no matter how hard I try. Sorry OP, I know your pain.

Maybe OP shouldn't try next time, will probably win a full scholarship, AND be able to sell the peice. Lol

sometimes it's simplicity what people want in art.

One mans dollar store crap is another's masterpiece, you never know if they tried or not

I know that feeling, but sometimes trying too hard can ruin any art form. Sometimes simplicity works far better...I'm a perfectionist and sometimes I think I probably mess up my art because I've decided the first, second and third result isn't good enough.

cryssycakesx3 22

of course the person that lost thought it was junk. maybe it wasn't that bad...

jazzy_123 20

you don't know if the winner tried or not. I suck at being creative and if I decided to submit an art piece in a competition it'd most likely be crap compared to other's but I'd still have an equal chance at winning.

#72 If you have an equal chance of winning even if your work is admittedly crappy compared to the others', something is very wrong about that competition.

buttcramp 21

I always hated that! When I was in high school, kids always cheated and I was getting Cs but I had my pride. OP, you have your pride too!

Those who do put forth an effort should move to a different direction in their life anyway. If you love to paint, awesome. Keep it as a hobby and impress people while you show your creativity and effort on a website or marketing graphics for your paycheck

eaglerob 20

Maybe next time finger paint a few stick figures and glue on some macaroni? ;)

gjikvtj 18

Is the winky face implying an underlying sexual meaning to children's arts and crafts? I do find myself aroused whilst trying to write my name and making macaroni t-rexes

holy **** my dog looks just like yours! but yours is older XD

cryssycakesx3 22

and popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners!

I did when I was younger we made Christmas tree ornaments and did the frame outline in macaroni and sparkly glue /paint lol

next time just procrastinate and it will all work out

Wow that's gotta suck sorry op But you know what they say about smart people they live long! ;)

A_Dead_Fish32 8

I think adding a colon would clarify. "You know what they say about smart people: they live long!"

No, that does not clarify who "they" are in the least bit.

A_Dead_Fish32 8

Then I guess it depends on which "they" you're talking about. Most sayings can be presented as "you know what they say..." with "they" simply meaning people, so I don't understand why you would be confused with that one. The second "they" is referring to the "smart people." Thus, "they live long" means "the smart people live long."

128 - you're trying too hard. Simple fact: That is not a common saying at all as it was implied to be.

A_Dead_Fish32 8

Sorry man. I'm honestly not sure why I commented in the first place, then decided that I had to defend myself. Also, I accidentally thumbed my own comment, so sorry for that too.

No big... Not like I'm a mod. :-P I'm still just confused what intellect has to do with artistic talent and who these people are spouting off random sayings...

Nothing comes in life without hard work and disappointment !

cryssycakesx3 22

and apparently dollar store crap...

Conceptual huh... Was his schlong glued to his face on that piece too?

Hey, elephant art is in high demand nowadays.

Oh I'm so sorry it happend to you. Are you sure he didn't deserved the scholarship ? Maybe he put as much effort in it than you did. Haha who am I kidding, good people always get screwed. Sorry anyway :)

Ihavegas 22

its all about how you bs it to someone these days. ive never liked renaissance paintings but I appreciate the effort that went into it. Some douchebag left a pile of rubbish on the floor and called it art. the poor cleaner got roasted for clearing it up mistaken it for garbage!! op its not always about the competition so I hope your master piece brings joy to many who see it.

I remember reading a while ago about a case where the cleaning staff left their tools in a corner near the exhibits and people started taking photos of it thinking it was part of the artworks.

schhichick 14

sorry you did not get the schol'art'ship

cryssycakesx3 22

and welcome, my friend, to the world of professional art, where it's 80% personal image, 19% who you know, and 1% talent. Have fun!

So cut off your ear and go to some galleries