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  22cute  |  17

24 - of course! He could BE a serial killer and LOOK like Ted Bundy.

10 - it's "then" ...than is only used for comparisons.

Op - don't expect to get laid

  sBqOuMaBd  |  9

for a name like 22cute, you seem pretty bitter. Thank GOD the grammer police showed up on the internet. Make sure you move along to the other 20 million people that can not type worth a crap.

  22cute  |  17

42- I have no idea what you think is bitter about any of those comments.
On the other hand it's pretty clear what's bitter in yours. Only, not why??
Having a bad day, Honey?


Yes, they are usually overweight with a big white shirt with food stains on it with big blue jeans with huge ass glasses and they are usually balding. And they also have a "creeper smile" But this describes an adverage pedo, I'm not sure about a cerial killer.

  EnzaiFreak  |  1

No,#69, he tricks small children with promises of toys and happiness, then stuffs you into his burlap sack full of lies!You are then taken to the North Pole to be Santas sex slave.
And that, my dear, is the true meaning of Christmas:)

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

Does that mean she's into necrophilia? Cause if she thought that and still married you then....

But of course, she's just yanking your chain OP! Dont sweat it! But if she uses taxadermy and foreplay in the same

  22cute  |  17

Well, not to women, my friend.
Or young kids...or babies.
So I guess it's just you & your camping buddies. Lol
And, of course, other rabbis