By keeperstride - 03/09/2009 19:55 - United States

Today, I tried to wash my cat in the shower, conveniently naked myself. He disapproved, scratching my man-parts and nicking a vein. I just got back from the hospital with a blood infection, swollen nuts, and an hole in my butt where I had to get a shot of antibiotics. FML
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Greatest FML I've ever read in my life.

Aoife 0

Haha, there's a place and time for everything. You can't ALWAYS get the pussy into the shower with you. x]


Greatest FML I've ever read in my life.

sounds sexy you pervert..your basically molesting your cat

Is it really molestation... Or clever masturbation?

How in the hell did OP ever think this was a good idea? Or how being naked would improve a situation involving an angry wet cat.

agree with 39... For the Op, as if he will really read this, there are theses crazy new things called swim trunks....they...are.....amazing! >_

You are truly, without fear of correction, one of the dumbest sumbishs on the planet.

Surely there are better ways to get pussy...

better u than me

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#6: Honey, it's you're not your, and it's not anything close to molesting the cat. I'm a girl, but I bathe my cats in the shower while naked as well. That way you don't get your clothes wet, and you can stand in there with them so they don't try to run out and make a huge mess. Nothing wrong with it, it actually is more convenient. Although, now I just do it in the sink. Smaller space, much easier :)

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Nice one.

Yes, that's what I thought...hmm. Is "washing" what they're calling it these days? In my day we just called it "f-cking."

please explain to me how you thought this was a good idea OP. Seriously cats get an angry adrenaline rush when you force them to do something and going in naked with an animal that has hella sharp claws and bite to it is just putting your weiner and nuts on the line.

LOL #74 is win. That made me laugh pretty hard lol Honestly though, i know people who bathe with their cats. Typically, theyve bathed them since they were kittens and know them well. Maybe he does that often and the cat freaked the hell out this time for no apparent reason. Not his fault... completely. I mean... you WERE naked with an angry cat and a target dangling from your body like a teaser toy. Ssssssorta asked for it. Thanks though, now i cant look at my cat without laughing and being grateful that I'm neither a man nor an idiot.

What is it with all these people bathing their cats? That's not even healthy for the poor animals, let aside the terror they feel.

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fleas maybe

waadasla 0

bow chika bow aaaarerrrrrrrrrrwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh son of ah ***** *** 8**88^^&*&(^^()(*&&&(( f*****g cat tore ooo open my ahhhhh sheeeeeiiiiiiiiit

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haha... that's so stupid!!!! I'm suprised he didn't see your dick hanging and try to bite

i guess you just like being nude around pussy OP=)

how was it manparts if he owned a cat that not manly

zach055 23

This is both FML for your pain, but YDI for thinking washing your cat in the shower was a good idea.

hahahaha ...

robotiick 12

74- nice revolvers wat cal they shoot

shadexilmaendu 4

Maybe he lives in an apartment? I do and I flea bathed my cat in the shower. Less mess, and can't do it out in the street

YDI, wash your cat the normal way.

The normal way of washing a cat is NOT washing it...They do it themselves.

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may I make a suddgestion - have a shower with a human

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I hope you have learned, NEVER do that!

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haha needle dick in the ass.

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Im sure everyone at the hospital is still laughing about it. At least you made their day.

Aoife 0

Haha, there's a place and time for everything. You can't ALWAYS get the pussy into the shower with you. x]

You sicko! Shame of you! Shame of you!

lil_cig 0

lol. shame of you!

Shame of you?

Its shame ON u, stupid...

Jesus Christ... That's hugely disgusting.

Firstly, stop saying manparts. Secondly, what was going to happen was obvious as hell. YDI for sure. That's why we always wear old clothes when washing animals.