By bonertoolong - United States
Today, I tried to teach my dog tricks. Somehow, I thought it would be easier if I physically showed my dog how to roll, so I rolled on the floor in front of my dog. My sister recorded me and posted it on Facebook. Now everyone thinks I'm an idiot and my dog still can't roll. FML
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  bamagrl410  |  31

Most people I know would either think it's hilarious or at least a tiny bit cute. I think you need new friends if they're that concerned over a video of you rolling...


Well at least you will be known throughout the interwebs as a roller... PS: It takes more than one time to teach your dog tricks, try getting it to do the trick then rewarding it with a treat when it does the trick!

  alyssamarie03  |  0

Well did u try to bribe it with dog treats to do stuff, that is what we do to our pit bull and now when we tell him to do stuff and he does it cuz he expects us to give him a treat....

By  lionlvr  |  9

Here are the steps, young cricket.
1. Tackle your sister and don't let her up until she promises to take it down
2. Go to pet smart and they can teach you stuff
3. Continue regular routine.

  fanceh  |  10

You have to be the epitome of stupidity if, while you are calling somebody else stupid, you misspell "you", use an improper form of the pronoun "yourself" and say "smh" all in the same sentence...

  fanceh  |  10

Semi-masturbating hectically. It is a fad sweeping the black "hoods" of America and occurs when a dramatic or stupid event takes place, causing them to go into a masturbating-enfused tear.

By  21jason  |  9

What's the big deal that you were rolling? Could have been worse... Be like American pie and catch her doing something worse! Hopefully not with a vacuum though